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Leopard: West Germans in World War III

Leopard Previews

A third nation is about to enter World War III, with the arrival in July of the forces of West Germany with Leopard.

WWPD: Leopard Review WWPD: Leopard Review

Mitch Reed and Luke Melia's excitement about Team Yankee so far has been tempered by its lack of diversity compared to WWII, with only two nations represented. That is about to change in a big way, with the introduction of West Germany.

WWPD: Leopard Review...

One small correction: the guys were reviewing a digital copy, so they didn't know that Leopard is actually a hard-cover book.

Breakthrough Assault: Leopard Review

Following Ben's previews of of Leopard Unit Cards, this week Mark Goddard takes an in-depth look at the book itself.

Breakthrough Assault: Leopard Review...

Breakthrough Assault: Leopard Review
Breakthrough Assault: Leopard Lists Breakthrough Assault: Leopard Lists

And following on from his review of the book, Mark talks about some sample lists, showing the variety you can take at the 100-point level.

Breakthrough Assault: Leopard Lists...

 Leopard 2 Card Beasts of War Preview Leopard Cards
Beasts of War Beasts of War have previews of the Unit Cards for all the new West German vehicles.

Beasts of War Preview Leopard Cards...

Breakthrough Assault LARS Card

Breakthrough Assault are also going to be featuring a lot of Leopard content, starting with a close look at the Unit Cards.

Leopard Unit Cards: Infantry and Artillery…

Leopard Unit Cards: Tanks and Recce…

Leopard Unit Cards: Air, AA and Tank Destroyers…

Leopard: West Germans in World War III Leopard Preview
West Germans in World War III

Leopard Preview...

A Tracy George Production War Journal
Tracy George's YouTube Channel

Tracy George is the host of the War Journal: Flames Of War podcast. Always an avid wargamer, recently Team Yankee has been his main gaming interest.

On his YouTube channel, Tracy has been posting an great series of videos covering many different aspects of Team Yankee, including tutorials, unboxing videos, terrain-making tips, battle reports and more.

Check out the other videos on Tracy George's channel...

Team Yankee Tutorial Part 1: Teams Battle Report – The Counterattack Part 1
Unboxing the Factory Painted Petrol Station

AMGAS Team Yankee Battle Report

Jon from All Miniatures Great and Small takes on Mark Francis (Bullyboy from the Flames Of War forum) in a 100-point Hasty Attack battle.

AMGAS Team Yankee Battle Report...

Battlefront at Salute 2016

Team Yankee demo game at Salute

At Salute, one of the biggest events on the UK gaming calendar, the Leicester Phat Cats wargames club hosted 'Go, Team, Go', a Team Yankee participation game, at the Wargames Illustrated stand.

Team Yankee demo game at Salute...

Painting Team Yankee American Infantry

In this video tutorial, studio painter Aaron Te Hira-Mathie shows how to paint US infantry from Team Yankee, including their BDU (Battle Dress Uniform) with its woodland pattern camouflage.

Painting Team Yankee American Infantry...

Painting Team Yankee Soviet Infantry

In the second of this week’s video painting tutorials, Aaron demonstrates how to paint the uniform and equipment for Team Yankee Soviet infantry.

Painting Team Yankee Soviet Infantry...

If you notice a mild 'strobe' effect on these two painting videos, it comes from the fluorescent lights we used when recording the video. We will be using different lights for future videos, and we apologise if the flickering is annoying.

Afgantsy in Team Yankee

Look to the skies! Soviet air assault troops are coming to Team Yankee. The desantniki of the Soviet VDV airborne forces in the Afgantsy Air Assault Battalion are tough veterans of the Soviet-Afghan War. They have learned their trade in bitter fighting against the mujahideen rebels in the mountains of the Hindu Kush. Now back in Europe, they are ready to show the NATO troops the awesome power of a Soviet air assault.

Afgantsy in Team Yankee...

Afgantsy in Team Yankee

The Afgantsy Air Assault Battalion, is now live in Flames Of War Digital.

A reminder about how to get your Free Afgantsy Cards once you have purchased the list in Digital...

The long wait for the Android version of the Flames Of War Digital app is over, and you can now install Flames Of War Digital free of charge from the Google Play Store.

Find out more about Flames Of War Digital here...

Flames Of War Digital Android Version
Afgantsy Printed Version Afgantsy Printed Version

The response to the upcoming Afgantsy Air Assault Battalion, briefing was fantastic. We’ve had so many requests, both from customers and game stores, to release the Afgantsy briefing in a printed form for those who prefer not to use a digital app, that we have decided to make this happen.

This briefing is a 12-page, full color booklet that comes with a complete set of 11 Afgantsy Unit Cards.

Shipping for the printed version is free.

Purchase the printed booket version in the Online Store here...

Afgantsy Heavy Weapons (TSU726) Afgantsy Heavy Weapons (TSU726)

Armed with the powerful AT-4 Spigot antitank missile that they call the Fagot ('Bassoon'), the Afgantsy have little to fear from tanks or aircraft. And in assaults, their AGS-17 Plamya ('Flame') automatic grenade-launchers give them an unbeatable edge in firepower.

Afgantsy Heavy Weapons (TSU726)...

Painting Afgantsy

Aaron tells you how to differentiate the elite VDV soldiers who ride into battle aboard powerful Mi-24 Hind helicopters from their motor rifle brethren, including how to paint their distinctive TTsKO camouflage uniform.

Painting Afgantsy...

Painting Afgantsy

A Tale of Seven Gamers
Tale of Seven Gamers - Casey's Red Banner Tank Division Tank Battalion Casey’s Red Banner Tank Division Tank Battalion

Progress on Casey Davies’s Soviet horde is continuing apace. He has added enough BMPs for a Battalion HQ and two mid-sized BMP Motor Rifle Companies, and he is currently working on eight Hind Assault Helicopters for an Afgantsy Air Assault Battalion.

Tale of Seven Gamers: Casey’s Red Banner Tank Division Tank Battalion...

Aaron's M1 Abrams Armored Combat Team

It's not easy being green! Aaron Te Hira-Mathie has been painting his US army in a very eye-catching Summer Verdant varient of the MERDC camouflage pattern.

Tale of Seven Gamers: Aaron's M1 Abrams Armored Combat Team...

Tale of Seven Gamers – Aaron’s M1 Abrams Armored Combat Team
Andrew's M113 Mech Combat Team Andrew Haught's M113 Mech Combat team

For our Team Yankee Armageddon weekend, the guys in the Battlefront studio planned 50- 80- and 100-point lists to build. Andrew is so keen on the A-10 Warthog and the M901 ITV that he has done his best to base his whole army around them. He catches us up on his painting progress here.

Tale of Seven Gamers: Andrew's M113 Mech Combat Team...

Chris Townley’s M1 Abrams Armored Combat Team

Chris has posted an update about assembling his Armored Combat Team and painting the MERDC camouflage pattern using some clever templates.

Tale of Seven Gamers: Chris Townley’s M1 Abrams Armored Combat Team...

MERDC Painting Templates...

Tale of Seven Gamers – Chris Townley’s M1 Abrams Armored Combat Team
Wayne's Soviets Wayne Turner’s Red Banner Tank Division Tank Battalion

Wayne has his tanks and support weapons, and has almost finished his infantry. You can check out his progress in this update.

Tale of Seven Gamers: Wayne's Soviets...

Product Spotlights

Bannon's Boys American Spearhead Force (TUSAB1) Potecknov's Bears Soviet Spearhead Force (TSUAB1)

Bannon's Boys (TUSAB1)
American Spearhead Force

Potecknov's Bears (TSUAB1)
Soviet Breakthrough Force

M1 Abrams Tank Platoon (TUBX01) T-27 Tankovy Company (TSBX01)
M1 Abrams Platoon (TUBX01)
Containts 5 Plastic M1 Abrams Tanks
T-72 Tankovy Company (TSBX01)
Contains 5 Plastic T-72 Tanks
Bannon's Boys American Spearhead Force (TUSAB1) Mi-24 Hind Helicopter Company (TSBX04)

Cobra Attack Helicopter Platoon (TUBX06)

Mi-24 Hind Helicopter Company (TSBX04)

M163 VADS or M901 ITV Platoon (TUBX02) BMP-1 or BMP-2 Company (TSBX02) M113 Platoon (TUBX03)
M163 VADS / M901 ITV Platoon (TUBX02) BMP-1 or BMP-2 Company (TSBX02) M113 (or M106) Platoon (TUBX03)
T-27 Tankovy Company (TSBX01) American Mech Platoon (TUS702) Soviet Motor Rifle Platoon (TSU702)
Motor Rifle Company (TSBX03) American Mech Platoon (TUS702) Soviet Motor Rifle Platoon (TSU702)
ZSU-23-4 Shilka AA Platoon (TSBX05) SA-12 Gopher SAM Platoon (TSBX06) BM-21 Hail Battery (TSBX08)
ZSU-23-4 Shilka AA Platoon (TSBX05) SA-13 Gopher SAM Platoon (TSBX06) BM-21 Hail Battery (TSBX08)
A-10 Warthog Fighter Flight (TUBX06) SU-25 Frogfoot Aviation Company (TSBX09)
A-10 Warthog Fighter Flight (TUBX06) SU-25 Frogfoot Company (TSBX09)
M109 Field Artillery Battery (TUBX04) 2S1 Carnation Battery (TSBX07)
M109 Battery (TUBX04) 2S1 Carnation Battery (TSBX07)

Gaming Aids

US Salvo Template (TAT01) US Token Set (TTK01) Soviet Salvo Template (TAT02) Soviet Token Set (TTK02)
US Salvo Template (TAT01) US Token Set (TTK01) Soviet Salvo Template (TAT02) Soviet Token Set (TTK02)

Terrain Spotlights

Modern Roads (BB188) Modern Road Expansion (BB189)
Modern Roads (BB188) Modern Road Expansion (BB189)
Oil Tanks (BB190) Concrete Walls (BB191)
Oil Tanks (BB190) Concrete Walls (BB191)
Factory Building (BB192) Petrol Station (BB193)
Factory (BB192) Petrol Station (BB193)
'Pimp Your Pumps'
Decorating the Petrol Station

Petrol stations everywhere have one important thing in common: branding! We have made a printable PDF featuring signage and advertising, to help you decorate your Petrol Station.

'Pimp Your Pumps' – Decorating the Petrol Station...

Pimp Your Pumps – Decorating the Petrol Station

More Missions for Team Yankee More Missions for Team Yankee

Here are three new missions for Team Yankee, with extended rules for different times of day, and a new way of selecting your missions if you want to try something different. These missions will be available soon for free in Flames Of War Digital, or you can download a printable PDF.

New Missions for Team Yankee More Missions for Team Yankee (4.8MB)...

Team Yankee Quick Reference Sheet

Numerous people asked for a handy printable version of the quick reference sheet from the back of the Team Yankee rulebook. So we have made a PDF version in a few different formats for you to download and print out, and perhaps have it laminated.

Team Yankee Quick Reference Sheet...

Team Yankee Quick Reference Sheet

Team Yankee FAQ Update
Field Manual 101 - FAQ PDF

Phil has updated Field Manual 101, the Frequently Asked Questions document for Team Yankee.

Field Manual 101 - FAQ (912kB)

Beasts of War
Unboxing the A-10 Warthog

Brrrrrrrrt! John and Justin look at the A-10 Thunderbolt II 'Warthog', the tough-as-nails US ground attack aircraft.

Beasts of War: Unboxing the A-10 Warthog...

Guerilla Miniature Games
Let’s Play! Team Yankee

Ash from Guerilla Miniature Games is joined by Chris from Lords of War Games and Hobbies in Oakville, Ontario for a very nicely made 50-point Team Yankee battle. It’s a great introduction to the game, or just an interesting battle report for those of us who are already avid WWIII generals.

Sparker's Wargaming Blog - Rotwein Spur Sparker's Wargaming Blog:
The Rotwein Spur

Having enjoyed Team Yankee at his FLGS, Aussie blogger ‘Sparker’ decided to put the rules through their paces as a solo game, with this impressive scenario. One great thing about solo wargaming, evidently, is that not having to wait for your opponent gives you plenty of time to take beautiful photos!

The Rotwein Spur - Part One...

The Rotwein Spur - Part Two...

An Excerpt from Team Yankee
Harold Coyle's Novel of World War III

You probably already know Team Yankee was inspired by a signed copy of the novel Team Yankee sent to Battlefront by its author, Harold Coyle, an avid wargamer. To coincide with the release of the game, Harold has revised the novel and is republishing it. This excerpt gives you a taste of the story and a feel for the style of both the novel and the game.

Team Yankee Novel Excerpt...

Team Yankee: A Novel of World War III - Revised and Expanded Edition

Historical US Vehicle Colour Schemes in Team Yankee

Historical US Vehicle Colour Schemes in Team Yankee

Aaron talks about the different US Army camouflage schemes from the period, which pattern – or patterns – you might want to choose and why.

Historical US Vehicle Colour Schemes in Team Yankee...

Demo Games at TwisterCon

There will be demo games of Team Yankee running at TwisterCon next month in Midwest City, Oklahoma.

Friday 25 – Saturday 26 March
Sheraton Midwest City Hotel at the Reed Conference Center
5750 Will Rogers Rd Midwest City, OK.

For more information check out www.twistercon.com

TwisterCon 2016

Interview with Harold Coyle

This podcast is the full conversation Phil had with Team Yankee author HW Coyle back in December for our Team Yankee Armageddon launch weekend. We posted parts of the interview on our YouTube channel (Part One here and Part Two here) but this is the full interview audio.

They discuss Coyle’s fascinating and varied military career, the genesis of Team Yankee and his transition to full-time writing, as well as his long involvement with historical wargaming.

Radio Free Battlefront

A few bonus snippets are included after the formal interview segment, where Harold discusses the sensitivity of writing military fiction while actively serving, as well as some of the other notable authors he has had the pleasure of meeting – they were too interesting not to include.

Download the interview here (51:47mins MP3 format 23.7MB – Right click & Save as)...

Battlefront's Team Yankee Launch Weekend

Armageddon Live Blog - Saturday

Check out the action from Day One of Armageddon on Saturday 12 December...
Armageddon Live Blog - Sunday
Read all about Day Two of Armageddon on Sunday 13 December...
Armageddon Live Blog - Extras
There was more content than we had time to post during the weekend,
so you can also check out these 'Armageddon Extras'...

How To Play Team Yankee

How To Play Team Yankee
Rules Focus: AA

So far, the one area of the rules which seems to be confusing the most people is shooting at aircraft, so Phil has made a video in which he describes the rules in greater detail.

You can watch the rest of Phil's How To Play videos here...

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