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Free Nations: Canadian, French, Dutch and Australian Forces In WWIII

Fighting Bear - Part 1 Fighting Tactics For the Soviets In Team Yankee

Fighting Bear - Fighting Tactics For the Soviets In Team Yankee
Following his experiences in the Firestorm, Jokull has written an article all about coming to grips with and using Soviet Forces. The second part is now live. Read both articles in the links below.

Part 1 Fighting Tactics For the Soviets In Team Yankee...
Part 2 Fighting Tactics For the Soviets In Team Yankee...

Firestorm Campaign Downloads
Firestorm campaigns are a great way to gather your local gaming community together to play a series of linked games with an overall objective. Each time that players complete a game, they mark their victories on the map as locations change hands. Once the appropriate number of games have been played, the campaign is over and the side holding cities of the greatest value wins. Today we’ve put up a set downloads that will let you play out your own Firestorm Campaigns. For full details click the link below

Firestorm Campaign Downloads...

Red Tide Rising

Durand's Devils Plastic Army Deal (TFRAB1)

French Army In Team Yankee
The full range of miniatures for the French Army in Team Yankeeis available in stores now.

Choose from an armoured force of tanks using our new plastic AMX-30, mechanised infantry in AMX-10P armoured personnel carriers, or a hard hitting recon force in AMX-10 RC and VABs.

If you are still working out where to start then Durand's Devils is a great way to begin. It contains three AMX-30 tanks and two Gazelle helicopters, providing some fantastic plastic models that can fill many roles in your army.

Durand's Devils Plastic Army Deal (TFRAB1)...

AMX-30 Tank Platoon (TFBX01)

AMX-10P Transport Platoon (TFBX02) Gazelle HOT Helicopter Flight (TFBX08)
AMX-30 Tank Platoon (TFBX01)... AMX-10P Transport Platoon (TFBX02)...

Gazelle HOT Helicopter Flight (TFBX08)...

VAB Transport Platoon (TFBX03) AMX-10 RC Recce Platoon (TFBX02) Mirage 5 Hunting Patrol (TFBX09)

VAB Transport Platoon (TFBX03)...

AMX-10 RC Recce Platoon (TFBX05)...

Mirage 5 Hunting Patrol (TFBX09)...

VAB Mephisto Anti-tank Platoon (TFBX04)

AMX Roland SAM Battery (TFBX06) AMX-13 DCA AA Platoon (TFBX07)

VAB Mephisto Anti-tank Platoon (TFBX04)...

AMX Roland SAM Battery (TFBX06)...

AMX-13 DCA AA Platoon (TFBX07)...

French Gaming Aids...

Milan Section (TFR706)...

Infantry Platoon (TFR702)...

GaleForce Nine - Frank Herbert's Dune
Our friends over at GF9 have a very exciting announcement that we just had to share. Frank Herbert’s DUNE will be coming to the table top world with a range of board and miniatures game . Stay tuned to the GF9 website for more information, or to read the full press release

GaleForce Nine Website...

Soviet Steel - Soviet Tanks Preview

Soviet Steel - Soviet Tanks Preview

Beasts Of War Preview - Soviet & US Vehicles For TANKS: The Modern Age
Beasts Of War has written up a preview of the units you'll field for Soviet and US forces in TANKS: The Modern Age. From tried and true tanks like the American M1 Abrams and the Soviet  T-64. You'll also see some new comers to the plastic range like the T-62m and the LAV-25. Get a sneak peak at the cards and stats over on the Beasts Of War website.

Beasts Of War Preview - Soviet & US Vehicles For TANKS: The Modern Age...

Fate Of A Nation

Fate Of A Nation 25% Discount Launch Sale
To celebrate the Launch of Fate Of A Nation we are having a Launch Sale. The sale will apply to everything in the store, with the exception of the Book, Army Deals and Unit Card Packs.

Whether you are looking to add some new units to your existing armies, or start a completely new one now is a great time to take advantage of the 25% Discount Launch Sale.

Check out the Fate Of A Nation store here...

Fate Of A Nation

Fate Of Four Gamers

Breakthrough Assault - Fate Of Four Gamers
With their forces picked out and the plans finalized the project begins in earnest with the start of assembling and painting of their Fate Of A Nation forces. In this article they report on the progress and plans as they prepare to paint their first 30 points worth of models.

Click here to learn more about Fate Of Four Gamers...

Breakthrough Assault - A Gathering Of Might… The Start Of Fate Of Four Gamers...

'Nam: The Vietnam War Miniatures Game

Operation Hastings 25% Off Sale
Operation Hastings took place in late July 1966 in the Song Ngan River Valley. Over the course of three weeks Marine forces would fight a series of close-quarter battles against a stubborn and fanatical enemy, intent on closing with the Marine forces to completely overrun them.

Read all about Operation Hastings here…

'Nam: The Vietnam War Miniatures Game

Because of the timing of this week’s article and the actual events of Operation Hastings we’ve decided to hold a sale on part of the ‘Nam range! We are giving 25% off the entire US Marine range, as well as the ARVN range (excludes the Unit Card Packs) for the rest of the month. Now is a great time to begin building a US Marine or ARVN force, so take advantage of the sale and begin building your army now!

Check out the US Marine range here…

Check out the ARVN range here…

Team Yankee FAQ Update Last updated 22 June 2018
Field Manual 101 - FAQ PDF

Phil has updated Field Manual 101, the Frequently Asked Questions document for Team Yankee.

Field Manual 101 - FAQ (611kB)
Field Manual 101 - FAQ Printer Friendly (530KB)

Please note: our image and document caching system can take a little while for updated documents to be available on all servers. If you click the link and find a previous version served up to you, try removing the "https://flames-m58ip69dfg.netdna-ssl.com/" and replacing with https://www.team-yankee.com/

Breakthrough Assault

Breakthrough AssaultFate Of Four Gamers - First Game!
The Breakthrough Assault Team have played their first gamed in their Fate Of Four Gamers. Their first mission was Annihilation followed by Bypass. Check out their Facebook page to see how the game went.

Breakthrough Assault - Facebook...

held 27 - 28 October 2018 at Onehunga RSA Club, 57 Princess Street, Onehunga, Auckland, NZ.

TCOW (That Club Out West) is once again holding FlamesCon, New Zealand’s Premiere Flames of War tournament! This year, they are running games in Flames of War Version 4 and TANKS as well as conducting full spectrum modern combined arms conflict in World War III with Team Yankee.

Click here to go to the FlamesCon forum post...

Click here for full details, rules and registration information...


No Dice No Glory Iron Man Series: Fall-In 2018

No Dice No Glory Iron Man Series: Fall-In 2018
held 9 -10 November, Lancaster Host Resort Hotel, 2300 Lincoln Highway East (Route 30), Lancaster, PA 17602
NoDiceNoGlory.com will be hosting the first ever “Iron Man”. The Iron Man will consist of two tournaments over two days, the first event is made up of three rounds of Team Yankee with the next day having three rounds of Flames of War.Players who sign up and play in both events will get a coupon for 20% off all items at the Battlefront booth at Fall-In.

Click Here for full details and registration information...

Red Tide Rising:
A Team Yankee (very) Mini Campaign
Tournaments and organised play are a staple of wargaming. Mark has written about his wargaming groups experience in creating and running their own version of Red Thunder.

Rather than play out lots of games over a few weeks they decided to play out a quicker version over the course of one day. Read about the escalation styled games and ultimately the results of this fast and furious campaign.

Red Tide Rising: A Team Yankee (very) Mini Campaign...

Red Tide Rising

The French Army In Team Yankee

The French Army In Team Yankee: Part 1: Tactics
The French are one of the new Nations introduced to Team Yankee in Free Nations. The French are a rather unique force to the book in that they have a full range of support options. To help out people who are interested in playing the French in Team Yankee one of our play testers, Frederic has written an article about the sort of tactics you’ll need to dominate the battlefield. Vive la France!

The French Army In Team Yankee: Part 1: Tactics...

French Painting Templates
We’ve put together an article all about painting your French forces from Free Nations. If you like how we’ve painted our French range then this is the place to start since we include a short colour guide, NATO 3 color PDF templates as well as a few alternative historical schemes you could also paint your French.

French Painting Templates...

French Painting Templates

Free Nations: Canadian, French, Dutch and Australian Forces In WWIII

Free Nations - Landing Page
The world of Team Yankee continues to expand, and our newest book adds four more nations to the roster of forces with which to play. Free Nations started as an idea to add some of the forces of the smaller NATO nations, but grew into something much bigger with four western nations covered (well, technically five if you choose to run your ANZACs as New Zealanders). Wayne looks at Free Nations and all the different nations in the book.

Free Nations - Landing Page...

Team Yankee Forces
We are excited to announce that Forces is now available for Team Yankee! Because Team Yankee (and V4 Flames Of War) work a little differently to previous versions of Flames Of War, there have been a number of changes made to how Forces work so even you veterans should take a few seconds to read this basic primer.

New Update: Free Nations formations have now been added to the Team Yankee Forces site! 

Team Yankee Forces "How to"...
Team Yankee Forces Website...

Team Yankee Forces

Dutch Forces - Little Dutch Boy...

ANZAC Painting Templates..

Know Your T-55...

Hell on the Highway: A Soviet guide to the BTR-60

Red Thunder Scenarios...

BMP Vs. BTR...

Soviet Artillery...

Build An Ally, Not An Army...

Canadian Call Signs...

The Art Of Seeing While Not Being Seen...

Team Yankee Quick Missions...

Leopard 1 and Panzer Kompanies in Heeresstruktur 4...

Team Yankee Force Diagrams (2017)...

ANZAC Leopards: Engaging The Enemy...

Canadian 4 CMBG Painting Templates...

Counter-Air Defense In Team Yankee...

American Air Defense: Guns vs Missiles: "First To Fire"...

How To Leopard! The Importance of Movement...

More Missions
The Team Yankee More Missions pack is an optional expansion for tournaments and players looking for quick pickup games. It contains five new missions for Team Yankee,
extended rules for different times of day, new versions of the missions from the rulebook that use a different set of victory conditions and the optional Battle Plans mission selector.

More Missions...

More Missions Pack

Team Yankee Wallpapers Team Yankee Wallpapers
Several people have asked us for Team Yankee-themed wallpapers to decorate their computer desktops.

Team Yankee Wallpapers...

Team Yankee Quick Reference Sheet
Numerous people asked for a handy printable version of the quick reference sheet from the back of the Team Yankee rulebook. So we have made a PDF version in a few different formats for you to download and print out, and perhaps have it laminated.

Team Yankee Quick Reference Sheet...

Team Yankee Quick Reference Sheet

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Early June Releases
Free Nations (FW914)
Team Yankee Template - NATO Edition (TAT06)
NATOs Front Line (TNAAB1)
M109 Field Battery (TNBX02)
M113 Platoon (Plastic) (TCBX02)
ADATS Air Defence Platoon (TCBX01)
Mechanised Platoon (TCA 702)
Lynx Reconnaissance Pat (TCA300)
Team Yankee Canadian Dice (TCA900)
Team Yankee Canadian Token Set (TTK06)

Mid June Releases
Leopard 1 Tank Platoon (Plastic) (TNBX01)

Late June Releases
M113 (T50) Platoon (Plastic) (TABX02)
M113 MRV (Plastic) (TABX01)
Mechanised Platoon (TAU702)
Anti-tank Land Rover Section (TAU121)
Milan Section (TAU704)
Team Yankee Australian Dice (TAU900)
Team Yankee Australian Token Set (TTK07)

Early July Releases
Leopard 1 Panzer Zug Platoon (Plastic) (TGNX14)
Leopard 2 Tank Platoon (Plastic) (TDBX01)
YPR-765 Platoon (TDBX02)
M113 or M106 Platoon (Plastic) (TDBX03)
PRTL AA Platoon (TDBX04)
Armoured Infantry Platoon (TDU702)
Stinger Platoon (TDU704)
M113 C&V Reconnaissance Platoon (TDU200)
Team Yankee Dutch Dice (TDU900)
Team Yankee Dutch Token Set (TTK09)

Mid July Releases
VAB Transport Platoon (TFBX03)
VAB Mephisto Anti-tank Platoon (TFBX04)
Infantry Platoon (TFR702)
Milan Section (TFR706)

Late July Releases
Durand's Devils (TFRAB1)
AMX-10P Platoon (Plastic) (TFBX02)
Gazelle HOT Helicopter Fight (Plastic) (TFBX08)
Team Yankee French Dice Set (TFR900)
Team Yankee French Token Set (TTK10)

Mid August Releases
AMX-30 Tank Platoon (Plastic) (TFBX01)
Mirage 5 Hunting Patrol (TFBX09)
AMX-10 RC Cavalry Platoon (TFBX05)
AMX Roland SAM Battery (TFBX06)
AMX-13 DCA AA Platoon (TFBX07)

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