Spandrel Anti-tank Platoon (TSBX11)

Spandrel AT Platoon (TSBX11)

Spandrel AT Platoon (TSBX11)
includes three resin Spandrel Anti-tank vehicles and two Unit cards.

The 9P148 Konkurs (Contest, or Spandrel as its missile is designated by NATO) is a light mobile armoured vehicle mounting five excellent wire-guided 9M113 Konkurs (AT-5 Spandrel) anti-tank missiles. The 9P148 vehicle is based on the same vehicle used in the reconnaissance role as the BRDM-2. It has good cross-country and road speed allowing it to get into good positions from which to launch its missiles. The roof mounted launch system meant that the vehicle could hide its bulk, only exposing the launcher and gunner’s sight on the top of the roof to the enemy making it difficult to kill or suppress should the enemy even see the weapon firing.

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The East German Volksarmee, or Peoples’ Army, has the reputation of being the most well-trained of all the Warsaw Pact armies. It has a high proportion of professional soldiers and is well-equipped. 9. Panzerdivision, or 9th Tank Division, in particular, is equipped with T-72M tanks and BMP-1 and BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicles.

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Spandrel AT Platoon (TSBX11) The Spandrel is an excellent weapon in Team Yankee as, like other missile systems, it suffers no penalties for long range and the high anti-tank value is capable of penetrating any Western tank. This combination gives the Spandrel excellent bang-for-buck, especially since a platoon of 3 vehicles will only cost 2 points making it an easy inclusion in most forces.

Designed by Evan Allen
Painted by Aaron Te Hira-Mathie
 The Spandrel Anti-tank Vehicle
Spandrel AT Platoon (TSBX11)
Spandrel AT Platoon (TSBX11) Spandrel AT Platoon (TSBX11)
Spandrel AT Platoon (TSBX11) Spandrel AT Platoon (TSBX11)
Spandrel AT Platoon (TSBX11) Spandrel AT Platoon (TSBX11)
Spandrel AT Platoon (TSBX11) Spandrel AT Platoon (TSBX11)
The Spandrel in Team Yankee
Terrain Dash

Cross Country Dash

Road Dash
10"/25cm 10"/25cm 18"/45cm 44"/110cm 4+

Halted Moving

AT-5 Spandrel missile 8"/20cm - 48"/120cm 1 - 21 3+ Guided, HEAT
Spandrel AT Platoon (TSBX11) Spandrel AT Platoon (TSBX11)

The Contents of the Spandrel AT Platoon Box Set
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Spandrel AT Platoon (TSBX11)
Description of Components
a. 3x Resin Spandrel hulls.
b. 3x Sets of Spandrel wheels (four wheels in each set).
c. 3x AT-5 missile pods.
d. 3x AT-5 missile pod platforms.
e. 3x AT-5 missile sights.
Soviet Unit Card (x1) East German Unit Card (x1)
Spandrel AT Platoon (TSBX11) Spandrel AT Platoon (TSBX11)

Assembling the Spandrel
Step 1. Begin assembly of the Spandrel by adding wheels to each side of the resin hull.
Spandrel AT Platoon (TSBX11) Spandrel AT Platoon (TSBX11)
Step 2. Next, attach the AT-5 missile sight to the top of the hull. Step 3. Attach the AT-5 missile platform to the top of the hull. Step 4. Finally, attach the AT-5 missile pod to the platform.
Spandrel AT Platoon (TSBX11) Spandrel AT Platoon (TSBX11) Spandrel AT Platoon (TSBX11)
Adding Rare Earth Magnets
Alternatively, you may choose to glue rare earth magnets into the recess in the hull and to the bottom of the missile platform. Magnets are a quick and secure way of fixing your turrets to the hulls, rather than just relying on gravity.

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Rare Earth Magnets (XX105)
 Below: The fully assembled Spandrel.
Spandrel AT Platoon (TSBX11)

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