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Dana SP 152mm Battery (TWBX01)

Dana SP 152mm Battery (TWBX01)
The Czechoslovakian 152mm DANA self-propelled howitzer is a unique design that mounts a traversible howitzer turret on an armoured 8x8 truck chassis. The fully automatic loading system of the DANA loads the projectile and then the charge, so the gunner can select either single shot or automatic fire.

Dana SP 152mm Battery (TWBX01)...

RM-70 Rocket Launcher (TWBX02)
The RM-70 multiple rocket launcher is the Czechoslovakian People's Army version of the Soviet BM-21 Grad multiple rocket launcher area-saturation rocket artillery system. It can concentrate fire in an area of up to three hectares in one volley, dropping up to 256kg of explosives.

RM-70 Rocket Launcher (TWBX02)...

Dana SP 152mm Battery (TWBX01)

OT-64 Transport (TWBX03)

OT-64 Transport (TWBX03)
the standard wheeled armoured personnel carrier of the Czechoslovakian People's Army is the locally designed and produced OT-64. The OT-64 SKOT (Czech acronym for Střední Kolový Obrněný Transportér - medium wheeled armoured transporter) is an amphibious, 8x8 wheeled armoured personnel carrier developed jointly by Poland and Czechoslovakia.

OT-64 Transport (TWBX03)...

OT-64 Transport (TWBX03)

Fate Of A Nation Launch Sale: Last Days
The launch sale for the Fate Of A Nation range is coming to an end so don’t miss your opportunity to grab the first models for a new army, or maybe the extra units you need to finish off a project. The sale will finish at the end of October so you only have a few days to take advantage of the 25% discount*

*The sale will applies to everything in the store, with the exception of the Book, Army Deals and Unit Card Packs

Click here to go the Fate Of A Nation Online Store...
Click here to go to the Fate Of A Nation Website...

TANKS: The Modern Age Previews

TANKS: The Modern Age Previews
TANKS: The Modern Age puts you in command of your own tank platoon fighting in the fictional World War III. A slight twist to history, this game lets you re-enact the possible battles that could have accrued if the cold war ever went hot. Over the last few weeks we have been previewing the rules, different Nations, their equipment and abilities that you can use in TANKS: The Modern Age to make your platoon. Head on over to the TANKS website for all the previews in the link below.

TANKS: The Modern Age Introduction...
Americans In TANKS: The Modern Age...
Soviets In TANKS: The Modern Age...
British In TANKS: The Modern Age...
West Germans in TANKS: The Modern Age...

Polish People's Army:
Bringing the Poles to Team Yankee
The Poles started as a project in my spare time.  I was going to simple paint up some Syrian/Egyptian infantry from the Battlefront Arab-Israeli Wars Fate of a Nation range in green as Poles and fielding them using Volksarmee. Then I thought, why don’t I just make their own briefing. I also had been noticing a real desire among the Team Yankee community to see more Warsaw Pact representation on the tabletop. So began the idea of publishing these in some form.

Join Wayne as he takes a look at what is in store for players in the Polish People's Army booklet.

Polish People's Army: Bringing the Poles to Team Yankee...

Polish People's Army: Bringing the Poles to Team Yankee

Czechoslovak People's Army: Czechoslovaks in Team Yankee

Czechoslovak People's Army:
Czechoslovaks in Team Yankee
Like myself with the Poles, Chris had become interested in doing a Czechoslovak force using the East Germans from Volksarmee for his force and formations. As I’d already started looking at the Poles, we added the Czechoslovaks to the project. Conveniently, along with the East Germans, the Poles and Czechoslovaks make up what is known as the Warsaw Pact’s “Northern Tier” by NATO and are the most prominent Warsaw Pact nations to be facing the NATO forces in West Germany.

Join Wayne as he takes a look at what is in store for players in the Czechoslovaks People's Army booklet.

Czechoslovak People's Army: Czechoslovaks in Team Yankee...

Fielding The T-62M With Red Thunder
We’ve noticed many of you excitedly building the new Fate Of A Nation T-62 tanks as the Soviet T-62M (not that we can blame you, they look great). The full rules for fielding the Soviet T-62M is coming in our next Team Yankee book Oil Wars, but for those of you keen to get a head start we thought we would share the Formation and Unit Card information with you.

Fielding the T-62M With Red Thunder...

Fielding The T-62M In Team Yankee

T-62 Tankovy Company (Plastic)

T-62 Tankovy Company (Plastic)
The T-62 tank underwent a number of upgrades in its long service life. It modernisation program started in 1972 with the mounting of a 12.7mm DShK machine-gun on the loader’s hatch for anti-helicopter fire. It was fitted with a laser rangefinder in 1975.

T-62 Company (Plastic) Spotlight here...

1st Annual Toys For Tots Toy Drive
Thanksgiving is usually a great time to not only give thanks, but also a chance to play some games and get as many Tanks on the table as possible. This year we are pleased to announce a merging of our annual “Tanksgiving” event with a Toys for Tots Charity event into our “1st Annual Toys for Tots Toy Drive”. Support Toys for Tots and get your Tanks on the table through the month of November. Check out the link below for full details on how you can get involved.

Updated with new stores - Check out the article for what's happening near you.

1st Annual Toys For Tots Toy Drive...

1st Annual Toys For Tots Toy Drive

Team Yankee FAQ Update Last updated 20 September 2018
Field Manual 101 - FAQ PDF

Phil has updated Field Manual 101, the Frequently Asked Questions document for Team Yankee.

Field Manual 101 - FAQ (611kB)
Field Manual 101 - FAQ Printer Friendly (530KB)

No Dice, No Glory - The British Army of The Rhine Part 2
No Dice, No Glory's Italian contributor, Paolo, continues his look at Iron Maiden and shares his thoughts on how to get the best out of the book

No Dice, No Glory - The British Army of The Rhine Part 2...

No Dice, No Glory

Breakthrough Assault

Breakthrough Assault - Czechoslovakian and Polish Previews
On Breakthrough Assault they are taking a look at the Czechoslovakian and Polish forces for Team Yankee. Take a look at the sorts of forces you'll be taking with the force diagrams as well as some of the unique units you can take.

Breakthrough Assault - Pole Position – A Review Of The “Polish People’s Army” Lists...
Breakthrough Assault - Pole Position – Czech-ing Out The Czechs...

No Dice, No Glory - Team Yankee: The Czechoslovakians and Poles Join the Attack
Dane at No Dice, No Glory has previewed the Czechoslovakian and Polish forces for Team Yankee. Today the focus is on the new artillery units as well as the new transport with the OT-64 introduced in the new booklet

No Dice, No Glory - Team Yankee: The Czechs and Poles Join the Attack...

No Dice, No Glory


Red October - A Team Yankee Tournament
held 20 October 2018 at Hard Knox Games, 1704 N Dixie Hwy, Site G1, Elizabethtown, Kentucky 42701, USA.
Hard Knox Games is hosting a Team Yankee Tournament. Games will be 96 points with a focus on Red vs Blue games. Entry will be $20 that goes towards prize support. In addition there will be a best table award for those who bring tables. There will be three rounds on the day with awards for the 1st NATO, 1st PACT, and best sport.

Click here to go to the Red October Facebook Event...

held 27 - 28 October 2018 at Onehunga RSA Club, 57 Princess Street, Onehunga, Auckland, NZ.
TCOW (That Club Out West) is once again holding FlamesCon, New Zealand’s Premiere Flames of War tournament! This year, they are running games in Flames of War Version 4 and TANKS as well as conducting full spectrum modern combined arms conflict in World War III with Team Yankee.

Click here to go to the FlamesCon forum post...
Click here for full details, rules and registration information...


No Dice No Glory Iron Man Series: Fall-In 2018

No Dice No Glory Iron Man Series: Fall-In 2018
held 9 -10 November, Lancaster Host Resort Hotel, 2300 Lincoln Highway East (Route 30), Lancaster, PA 17602
NoDiceNoGlory.com will be hosting the first ever “Iron Man”. The Iron Man will consist of two tournaments over two days, the first event is made up of three rounds of Team Yankee with the next day having three rounds of Flames of War.Players who sign up and play in both events will get a coupon for 20% off all items at the Battlefront booth at Fall-In.

Click Here for full details and registration information...

Cancon 2019
held 26 - 29 January 2019 at Exhibition Park In Canberra (EPIC), Australia.

Cancon is one the premier events on the Australian gaming calendar. The 2019 event will feature a 2 day Mid War tournament, a 2 day Team Yankee tournament (both over the Friday and Saturday) with mega battles on the Monday.

Cancon Team Yankee Tournament...
Cancon Team Yankee Tournament Players Pack...

Cancon Flames Of War Tournament...
For more information about Cancon click here…

Cancon 2019

Polar Bear IV - Team Yankee

Polar Bear IV - Team Yankee
held 26 - 27 January 2019 at Nexus, Nóatúni 17, Reykjavík, Iceland.

Einherjar proudly presents the fourth Polar Bear Tournament in Reykjavík, Iceland. The Tournament will be a 65 point Team Yankee Tournament with force restrictions. At least 32 points must be spent on Main Battle Tanks (MBT’s). On Saturday night after the normal proceedings, a Total War battle will be played in a North Africa MW setting

Polar Bear Tournament Facebook Event Page…

Firestorm Campaign Downloads
Firestorm campaigns are a great way to gather your local gaming community together to play a series of linked games with an overall objective. Each time that players complete a game, they mark their victories on the map as locations change hands. Once the appropriate number of games have been played, the campaign is over and the side holding cities of the greatest value wins. Today we’ve put up a set downloads that will let you play out your own Firestorm Campaigns. For full details click the link below

Firestorm Campaign Downloads...

Red Tide Rising

Free Nations: Canadian, French, Dutch and Australian Forces In WWIII

Free Nations - Landing Page
The world of Team Yankee continues to expand, and our newest book adds four more nations to the roster of forces with which to play. Free Nations started as an idea to add some of the forces of the smaller NATO nations, but grew into something much bigger with four western nations covered (well, technically five if you choose to run your ANZACs as New Zealanders). Wayne looks at Free Nations and all the different nations in the book.

Free Nations - Landing Page...

Team Yankee Forces
We are excited to announce that Forces is now available for Team Yankee! Because Team Yankee (and V4 Flames Of War) work a little differently to previous versions of Flames Of War, there have been a number of changes made to how Forces work so even you veterans should take a few seconds to read this basic primer.

New Update: Free Nations formations have now been added to the Team Yankee Forces site! 

Team Yankee Forces "How to"...
Team Yankee Forces Website...

Team Yankee Forces

Fighting Bear - Fighting Tactics For the Soviets In Team Yankee...

French Painting Templates...

ANZAC Painting Templates..

Know Your T-55...

Canadian Call Signs...

Artillery, what is it good for?...

Combined Arms Tactics...

Build An Ally, Not An Army...

The Art Of Seeing While Not Being Seen...

Team Yankee Quick Missions...

Canadian 4 CMBG Painting Templates...

Leopard 1 and Panzer Kompanies in Heeresstruktur 4...

Team Yankee Force Diagrams (2017)...

More Missions
The Team Yankee More Missions pack is an optional expansion for tournaments and players looking for quick pickup games. It contains five new missions for Team Yankee,
extended rules for different times of day, new versions of the missions from the rulebook that use a different set of victory conditions and the optional Battle Plans mission selector.

More Missions...

More Missions Pack

Team Yankee Wallpapers Team Yankee Wallpapers
Several people have asked us for Team Yankee-themed wallpapers to decorate their computer desktops.

Team Yankee Wallpapers...

Team Yankee Quick Reference Sheet
Numerous people asked for a handy printable version of the quick reference sheet from the back of the Team Yankee rulebook. So we have made a PDF version in a few different formats for you to download and print out, and perhaps have it laminated.

Team Yankee Quick Reference Sheet...

Team Yankee Quick Reference Sheet

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Late October Releases

Czechoslovak People's Army (TY503)
Polish People's Army (TY504)

Dana SP 152mm Battery (TWBX01)
RM-70 Rocket Launcher (TWBX02)
OT-64 Transport (TWBX03)

Czechoslovakian Decals (TWP950)
Polish Decals (TWP951)
East German Decals (TEG950)

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