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World War III: American: US Forces in World War III
American Starter Force (Plastic) (TUSAB04)

American Starter Force (Plastic) (TUSAB04)

This Starter Force Contains:

  • Five Abrams Tanks
  • Four Bradley Scouts
  • Three M109 155mm Self-propelled guns
  • Four HMMWV Scouts
  • Two AH-64 Apache Helicopters
  • Four rare-earth magnets
  • Four Decal Sheets
  • One Complete A5 Rulebook,
  • One American "Start Here Booklet"
  • Fourteen Unit cards

Click here to view the American Starter Force (Plastic) Spotlight...

New Releases New Releases
New Releases New Releases
New Releases New Releases
New Releases New Releases

The Big Four Of Late War have missed you.... so they had a Live Stream earlier today. If you missed it you can still catch it on our recent broadcasts on the Twitch Channel.

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World War III: American: US Forces in World War III

World War III: American
US Forces in World War III

World War III: American is our second force book to be expanded and updated. The book covers the US forces in Germany in August 1985, more specifically the 1st Armored Division, 3rd Armored Division, 9th ‘High Tech’ Motorised Division, 82nd Airborne Division, and the 2nd Marine Division.

World War III: American substantially expands on the forces available to the US Team Yankee player, as well as adding a bunch extra options for those who haven’t been tempted by the Americans yet.

World War III: American: US Forces in World War III...

Know Your Abrams
Earlier this week I found myself building some Abrams so I could figure out and test my paint scheme.I thought it may be worth a quick primer for those of you that are about to embark on the assembly journey.

Know Your Abrams...

Know Your Abrams

Share Your Hobby - Week Seventeen
The Battlefront Lockdown Competition

Across the world there are people stuck at home, making the best out of a strange situation by spending time doing what they love – building and painting models.

We wanted to launch a competition to reward people for their hard work, but more importantly to encourage them to share their efforts with the world.
For more information check out the Share Your Hobby article here...

So get started, take a photo of what you are working on today and comment in the daily Announcement post.
Share Your Hobby Announcement...

Or check out a selection from Week Sixteen over on our Facebook Page.
Share Your Hobby Week Seventeen Gallery...

Week Seventeen: Random Prize Draw Winners
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Random Prize Winers Random Prize Winers Random Prize Winers Random Prize Winers 

Mike Cripps

Mark Berrios.jpg  Joseph Alexander

Jonathan Lake 

Pre-orders Open For World Of Tanks

Pre-Orders Open For World Of Tanks
Gale Force Nine and Wargaming.net are joining forces to bring their award winning online gaming experience to the tabletop. Field a platoon of tanks, customize them by adding Modules, Crew and Equipment, then go head-to-head verses your friends.

Released in Wave 1 are the Starter Set, which includes four pre-painted plastic Tanks, and four individual blistered Tanks, giving you eight different models to start playing with

To find out more information, including the range of Tanks being released in Wave 1, click here...

World War III: Team Yankee FAQ Update Last updated 13 January 2020

Phil has updated Field Manual 101, the Frequently Asked Questions document for World War III: Team Yankee.

Field Manual 101 - FAQ...
Field Manual 101 - FAQ (No Background)...

Field Manual 101 - FAQ
Your Local Store Needs You!

Your Local Store Needs You!
Our local staff in the UK and US have been keeping in regular contact with our stores and they tell us they are starting to open their doors again and are getting ready for business. Whilst we want you to keep sharing your amazing work and checking out the depth of content in our website, we now want you to talk to your FLGS (Friendly Local Gaming Store). They need your support now more than ever.

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Breakthrough Assault - World War III: American Previews
Breakthrough Assault has their previews of the WWIII: American book. Be sure to check out what you can find in the latest book with units like the Bardley and RDF/LT as well some of the new formations

Breakthrough Assault - WWIII American Force Overview...
Breakthrough Assault - WWIII American - Death on Wheels...
Breakthrough Assault - The Bradley in WWIII...
Breakthrough Assault - American Starters Orders; Fielding the New US Starter Set...

Breakthrough Assault

Construct and Conquer - Team Yankee Painting Session #3 Iranian M113

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Battlefront Events Website
Tournament and Event organisers can now publish their events on a dedicated event calendar that keeps all the fixtures of tournament season in one place. Easy to navigate for those searching for events to attend, events.battlefront.co.nz is designed to allow organisers to share the details of their events on a comprehensive tournament calendar.

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World War III: Team Yankee Wallpapers
Several people have asked us for Team Yankee-themed wallpapers to decorate their computer desktops.

World War III: Team Yankee Wallpapers...

Team Yankee Wallpapers

Team Yankee Quick Reference Sheet World War III: Team Yankee Quick Reference Sheet
Numerous people asked for a handy printable version of the quick reference sheet from the back of the World War III: Team Yankee rulebook. So we have made a PDF version in a few different formats for you to download and print out, and perhaps have it laminated.

World War III: Team Yankee Quick Reference Sheet...

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World War III: American Releases
July Releases
World War III:American A4, Hardback (WW3-03)
World War III: American Unit Card Pack (WW3-03U)
Abrams Tank Platoon (Plastic) (TUBX18)
RDF/LT Assault Gun Platoon (TUBX20)
LAV-AD Air Defense Platoon (Plastic) (TUBX22)

July Releases Continued
World War III: American Starter Force (Plastic) (TUAB03)
Bradley Troop (Plastic) (TUBX19)
AH-64 Apache Helicopter Platoon (Plastic) (TUBX21) 
AV-8 Harrier Attack Flight (Plastic) (TUBX26)
A-10 Warthog Fighter Flight (Plastic) (TUBX27)

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