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Historicon 2019

Battlefront at Historion 2019
July 10 - 14 - Lancaster Country Convention Center - Lancaster, PA, USA. Booth 205

Come and see us at Historicon. You can find us at booth 205.

Click here for more information on Historicon 2019..

Battlefront UK Open Day - Executive Wrap-Up 
For those of you who were not able to attend the Open Day, join Peter in Auckland, as he wraps up what the future holds for Battlefront Miniatures. We have also put a pdf file of the presentation for you to look through.

Israeli Unit Cards

Israeli Unit Cards Out Now
Israeli Unit Cards are now available in the online store and at a hobby store near you. Each card pack contains 27 Unit Cards for use with your Team Yankee Israeli Army

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Chris' Bottes et Roues (Boots and Wheels
Last year I came up with a plan to build a wheeled French army, inspired by the awesome VAB and AMX-10 RC models. I put it on my slow burn list as it has a reasonably high vehicle/infantry count and just chipped away at it when I felt like working on something different.

Chris' Bottes et Roues (Boots and Wheels)...

Chris' Bottes et Roues (Boots and Wheels)

Blitz and Peaces - Team Yankee Battle Report: Dutch Vs Czechoslovackia

Click here to view the M113 Platoon Spotlight

Click here to view the M109 SP Artillery Battery Spotlight

Click here to view the M113 Platoon Spotlight

Click here to view the M109 SP Artillery Battery Spotlight

Click here to view the Recce Jeep Platoon Spotlight

Click here to view the Redeye SAM Platoon Spotlight

Click here to view the Recce Jeep Platoon Spotlight

Click here to view the Redeye SAM Platoon Spotlight
Click here to view the Jeep (TOW) Platoon Spotlight
Click here to view the Jeep (TOW) Platoon Spotlight

Tournament Missions Pack
The 2019 Tournament Mission Pack is here! Inside you will find six missions (four never seen before missions and two from the core rulebook). You will also find the Sideboard rules that allows you to swap out Crew and Upgrade cards at the start of a game. This document is a great way to add some new missions to your casual games and to practice for upcoming tournaments.  

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2019 Tournament Mission Pack

Looking Forward To Team Yankee 2

Looking Forward to Team Yankee 2
Wayne is working away furiously on the updated WWIII:Team Yankee rulebook as well as the first updated Army Book for British Forces in WWIII: Team Yankee. Since he’s so busy at the moment he doesn’t have the time to pop over and tell you all personally about the changes  coming to WWIII: Team Yankee, but he’s given me some very important information he’d like me to share with you all.

Looking Forward to Team Yankee 2...

Team Yankee FAQ Update Last updated 20 September 2018
Field Manual 101 - FAQ PDF

Phil has updated Field Manual 101, the Frequently Asked Questions document for Team Yankee.

Field Manual 101 - FAQ (611kB)
Field Manual 101 - FAQ Printer Friendly (530KB)

Breakthrough Assault - Back To The Future - Updating the IDF for the 80s
Lee is taking his Fate Of A Nation army and updating it for Oil War. Originally Lee started out his Magach 6 in the Fate of Four Gamers serries as part of a project for four players to build paint four different armies for Fate Of A Nation. Today he takes that force and brings it from the 70s and into the 80s.

Breakthrough Assault - Back To The Future - Updating the IDF for the 80s...

Breakthrough Assault

Breakthrough Assault covered Oil War and provided previews of what is inside the book. Check out the links below to see their articles on the different nations in the book.

Breakthrough Assault - Oil War - WWIII In The Middle East, An Overview...
Breakthrough Assault - Defending The Heights - The IDF In Oil War...
Breakthrough Assault - Who's Your Baghdaddy: Iraqi Forces In Oil War...

No Dice, No Glory

No Dice, No Glory - Merkava: The Israeli Defense Force in Oil War
No Dice, No Glory is continuing their Oil War coverage. They've done their review of the Isreali Defense Force looking in particular at some of their exclusive units like the Merkava and the Pereh as well as the mechanised infantry. Make sure to check out all their Oil War coverage in the links below.

No Dice, No Glory - Merkava: The Israeli Defense Force in Oil War...
No Dice, No Glory - Oil Wars Reviewed and Spoiled...
No Dice, No Glory - Iraqis and Syrians in Team Yankee: Oil War...

Beasts Of War - Oil Wars Hobby Vlog
Over the last few weeks on Beasts Of War, John has been excitedly preparing for Oil War by painting up a full army of models for Oil War with the T-62, T-72, Hind and even Leopard 2s all making appearances. Check out the full journey and all his Vlogs in the link below

Beasts Of War - Oil Wars Hobby Vlog...

Beasts Of War

Click here to go to the Battlefront Events Website

Battlefront Events Website
Tournament and Event organisers can now publish their events on a dedicated event calendar that keeps all the fixtures of tournament season in one place. Easy to navigate for those searching for events to attend, events.battlefront.co.nz is designed to allow organisers to share the details of their events on a comprehensive tournament calendar.

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Panzerschreck XIX 2019

Panzerschreck XIX 2019
held 13 - 14 July, Riverdale School Hall, Slacks Road, Palmerston North, New Zealand
Proudly presented by the Manawatu Duellists’ SocietyPanzerschreck XIX. Being held this year at Riverdale School Hall, Slacks Road, Palmerston North, New Zealand. This will be a 140 pt. Team Yankee DoublesTournament with 5 rounds. All Team Yankee Army lists published prior to 1st July 2019 can be used (including “Oil War”).

Click here for full details and how to register for Panzerschreck XIX 2019...
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More Missions
The Team Yankee More Missions pack is an optional expansion for tournaments and players looking for quick pickup games. It contains five new missions for Team Yankee,
extended rules for different times of day, new versions of the missions from the rulebook that use a different set of victory conditions and the optional Battle Plans mission selector.

More Missions...

More Missions Pack

Team Yankee Wallpapers Team Yankee Wallpapers
Several people have asked us for Team Yankee-themed wallpapers to decorate their computer desktops.

Team Yankee Wallpapers...

Team Yankee Quick Reference Sheet
Numerous people asked for a handy printable version of the quick reference sheet from the back of the Team Yankee rulebook. So we have made a PDF version in a few different formats for you to download and print out, and perhaps have it laminated.

Team Yankee Quick Reference Sheet...

Team Yankee Quick Reference Sheet

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Team Yankee Oil War Releases

Oil War (FW917)

Army Deals
Kahalani's Warriors (Israeli) (TISAB01)
Hussain's Republican Guard (Iraqi) (TIQAB01)
Ayatollah's Revolutionaries (Iranian) (TRNAB01)

Unit Cards
Iraqi Unit Cards (TIQ901)
Iranian Unit Cards (TIR901)

Gaming Aids
Israeli Dice Set (TIS900)
Isreali Token Set (TTK11)

Iraqi Decal Set (TIQ950)
Iraqi Dice Set (TIQ900)
Iraqi Token Set (TTK12)

Iranian Decal Set (TIR950)
Iranian Dice Set (TIR900)
Iranian Token Set (TTK13)

Model Releases
Magach 6 Tank Platoon (Plastic) (TIBX02)
Pereh Anti-tank Platoon (TIBX05)
ZSU-23-4 Shilka AA Platoon (TIBX06)
M48 Chaparral SAM Platoon (TIBX07)
Skyhawk Fight Flight (TIBX08)

M113 Platoon (Plastic) (TRBX01)
Anti-tank Jeep Group (TIR120)
Mechanised Infantry Platoon (TIR702)
Basij Infantry Company (TIR703)

T-62 Tank Company (Plastic) (TSBX19)
Mech Company (TQBX01)
Mech Platoon (TIQ702)
Mech Weapons Platoon (TIQ703)

Merkava Tank Platoon (Plastic) (TIBX01)
AH-1 Viper Attack Helicopter (Plastic) (TIBX09)
VCR/TH HOT Anti-tank Platoon (TQBX03)
ZSU-57-2 AA Company (TQBX03)
Israeli Infantry Platoon (TIS702)

M113 Platoon (Plastic) (TIBX03)
M109 SP Artillery Battery (TIBX04)
Jeep TOW Platoon (TIS120)
Recce Jeep Platoon (TIS121)
Redeye SAM Platoon (TIS704)

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