SA-13 Gopher (TSBX06) SA-13 Gopher SAM Platoon (TSBX06)
Includes two resin and metal SA-13 Gopher self-propelled missile systems.

The SA-13 Gopher, called Strela-10 (Arrow‑10) by its Russian crews, is a tracked, amphibious Surface-to-Air Missile (SAM) system. It replaced the wheeled SA-9 Gaskin which could not keep up with tanks in rough terrain. The missiles have both optical and infra-red guidance, with a radar system to check that the target is in range.

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A new global political divide was formed between the Communist East and Democratic West.The West formed the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) in 1949, and in response the Warsaw Pact was formed by the Soviet Union and its allies, including East Germany, Czechoslovakia, and Poland in 1955. The Soviet Union’s and Warsaw Pact's most powerful forces are poised on the border with West Germany ready to strike at a moment’s notice. Soon the western workers will be free and the dawn of a new socialist age will begin!

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World War III: SovietWorld War III: Warsaw Pact 

SA-13 Gopher (TSBX06) SA-13 Gopher (TSBX06)

The SA-13 Gopher SAM Tank
SA-13 Gopher (TSBX06) SA-13 Gopher (TSBX06)
SA-13 Gopher (TSBX06) SA-13 Gopher (TSBX06)
SA-13 Gopher (TSBX06) SA-13 Gopher (TSBX06)
SA-13 Gopher (TSBX06) SA-13 Gopher (TSBX06)
SA-13 Gopher (TSBX06) SA-13 Gopher (TSBX06)

SA-13 Gopher Contents
SA-13 Gopher (TSBX06)

Assembling the SA-13 Gopher
Tip: When referring to left or right-hand side in regards to a Team Yankee miniature, the orientation is determined as if looking at the vehicle from the rear.
Step 1. Begin assembly by adding the tracks. there are left/right indicators on the back of each track to ensure they are put on the correct way. Below: Left and Right tracks attached.
SA-13 Gopher (TSBX06) SA-13 Gopher (TSBX06) SA-13 Gopher (TSBX06)
Step 2. Next glue the two missile pods to the mount. Ensure that the mounting brackets are aligned to the top. Step 2. Place the completed turret into the hull of the Gopher.
SA-13 Gopher (TSBX06) SA-13 Gopher (TSBX06) SA-13 Gopher (TSBX06)

Because the missile launcher system is quite heavy, it may be unstable at times. Instead of simply placing it into the hole in the hull, you may prefer to use rare earth magnets for improved stability.

Rare Earth Magnets (XX105) are available through the online store here...

These 1mm x 5mm magnets are strong enough to hold the missile launcher firmly in place.

Rare Earth Magnets (XX105)
Below: SA-13 Gopher fully assembled.
SA-13 Gopher (TSBX06)

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