Jaguar Jagdpanzer Zug (TGBX04) Jaguar Jagdpanzer Zug (TGBX04)
Includes three Jaguar 1 or Jaguar 2 tank-hunters & decal sheet.

The Jaguar 1 and Jaguar 2 were German Raketenjagdpanzer (rocket tank-hunter) tank destroyers armed with anti-tank guided missiles.

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Designed by Tim Adcock and Evan Allen
Painted by Aaron Mathie


All across West Germany divisions are being mobilised and reservists flock to their barracks for assignment to the front. With their powerful Leopard 2 tanks and panzergrenadiers mounted in the Marder infantry fighting vehicles, they fight with skill and cunning to slow the Soviet advance, determined to protect their homes and families.

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Leopard - West Germans in World War III

The Jaguar 1 can support your Panzer Kompanie. It carried the HOT missile system, with an automated firing system allowing the crew to fire it from inside the vehicle under NBC (nuclear, biological and chemical) protection.

The Jaguar 2, which can support your Panzergrenadier Kompanie, mounted the older US-made Improved TOW missile system.

Jaguar 1 Jagdpanzers

The Jaguar 1 equipped the Panzerjäger Kompanien (tank-hunter Companies) of the Panzer Brigades, where their role was to provide long-range anti-tank support to the Panzertruppen (armoured troops).

The Jaguar 1 is a development of the Kanonenjagdpanzer (Cannon Tank-hunter), a 90mm gun-armed tank-hunter introduced in the 1960s. The first anti-tank missile-armed version was the Raketenjagdpanzer 1 (rocket tank-hunter) armed with the SS-11 anti-tank missile. 316 of these vehicles were uparmoured and converted to mount the new HOT antitank missile system between 1978 and 1983 as the Jaguar 1.

HOT (Haut subsonique Optiquement Téléguidé Tiré d’un Tube, or High-subsonic Optical remote-guided, Tube-launched) is a long-range anti-tank missile system. The HOT missile system, as fitted the Jaguar 1, was designed to be used under NBC (nuclear, biological and chemical) protection, and the missile could be retracted into the vehicle for reloading using an automated loading system. 

TGBX04 Back of Box

Jaguar Jagdpanzer Zug (TGBX04)
Jaguar Jagdpanzer Zug (TGBX04) Jaguar Jagdpanzer Zug (TGBX04)
Jaguar Jagdpanzer Zug (TGBX04) Jaguar Jagdpanzer Zug (TGBX04)
Jaguar Jagdpanzer Zug (TGBX04) Jaguar Jagdpanzer Zug (TGBX04)
Jaguar Jagdpanzer Zug (TGBX04) Jaguar Jagdpanzer Zug (TGBX04)
Jaguar Jagdpanzer Zug (TGBX04) Jaguar Jagdpanzer Zug (TGBX04)
Painting NATO Camouflage

Painting NATO Camouflage

All the colours you need to paint the standard NATO three-colour camouflage pattern can be found in the Quartermasters Paint Set and the Team Yankee German Paint Set.

NATO Camouflage Templates...

Jaguar 2 Jagdpanzers

The Panzergrenadier Brigades had Jaguar 2 tank-hunters armed, armed with the with the US Improved TOW anti-tank missile system.

The Jaguar 2 tank-hunters were converted directly from Kanonenjagdpanzer 90mm-armed tank-destroyer. These have had the gun removed, more armour added, and the TOW mounting fitted so it could be loaded from a hull top hatch by the vehicle crew.

Jaguar Jagdpanzer Zug (TGBX04) Jaguar Jagdpanzer Zug (TGBX04)
Jaguar Jagdpanzer Zug (TGBX04) Jaguar Jagdpanzer Zug (TGBX04)
Jaguar Jagdpanzer Zug (TGBX04) Jaguar Jagdpanzer Zug (TGBX04)
Jaguar Jagdpanzer Zug (TGBX04)

Jaguar Jagdpanzer Zug Box Contents
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Jaguar Jagdpanzer Zug (TGBX04)
a. 3x Jaguar hull
b. 3x Jaguar 1 hull top
c. 3x Jaguar 2 hull top
d. 3x Right track
e. 3x Left track
f. 3x Right side skirt
g. 3x Left side skirt
h. 3x Jaguar 1 glacis plate
i. 3x Jaguar 2 glacis plate
j. 3x Smoke dischargers
k. 6x Periscope
l. 3x HOT missile launcher
m. 3x TOW missile launcher
n. 3x Jaguar 2 right hatch
o. 3x Jaguar 2 left hatch
Decal Sheet Jaguar Jagdpanzer Zug (TGBX04)

Leopard 2 Painting Guide
In this video Aaron paints a Leopard 2 tank in the NATO three-colour camouflage scheme. You can use exactly the same process and colours to paint the your Gepards.

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