Chris working on his Team Yankee force



Chris’ Leopard West German Panzer Kompanie

Part 1: 9 July 2016

One of the things I am well known for around the Studio and amongst my friends is that much like a magpie I find myself constantly attracted to shiney new things... so needless to say I jumped on board at the idea of putting together a small force for the Leopard. Initially I struggled with what I would like to field as there are some really interesting options in the book, but because I am still putting the finishing touches on two other armies I ended up picking a Leopard 2 Panzer Kompanie as the model count would be a bit lower and therefore (hopefully) faster to assemble and paint.

Since I was building a tank company I decided to start with the most Leopard 2 tanks I felt I could comfortably put in the list, whilst still having plenty of points for some support units.

I could have gone with three platoons of two tanks instead, but those small platoons are very fragile and a single kill (or bail) could result in a Morale test to keep the platoon on the table.

Leopard 2 Panzer Kompanie HQ
1x Leopard 2

11 points 
Leopard 2 Panzer Zug
3x Leopard 2

33 points
Leopard 2 Panzer Zug
3x Leopard 2

33 points
Total 77 points
Marder Panzergrenadier Zug
3x MG3 team with Panzerfaust
2x Milan missle team
3x Marder

7 points
Jaguar 1 Jagdpanzer Zug
3x Jaguar 1

6 points
2x Luchs Späh Trupp
2x Luchs (@ 1 point ea)

2 points
Roland Flarakpanzer Batterie
4x Roland 2

6 points
Fliegerfaust Gruppe
2x Redeye team
2 points
Total 23 points

My support options were fairly easy to pick as I wanted to maximise the number of units from my Formation; so I picked a Panzergrenadier platoon in their funky looking Marders to hold (or take) an objective, a Jaguar 1 platoon as a cheap anti-tank option, and 2 platoons of Luchs for scouting purposes.

To round out the force I've chosen to add in a Roland battery supported by a pair of Redeye teams. I'm still debating this choice as I might be better served dropping the Rolands back to a pair, removing the Redeyes and adding in two Gepards. If you watch the Battle Report I played with Wayne you will see where my respect for these vehicles came from.

Leopard West Germans