Anders being stalked by a Hind



Anders’ Leopard West German Panzergrenadier Kompanie

Part 1: 9 July 2016

I went with the Panzer Grenadier company in order to get as much of the nice shiny new toys as possible. I haven’t started exploring the multi-company options that much yet but of course running a little Recon Company with four Leopard 1's and eight Luchs armoured cars for 16 points is really tempting!

The core of my starting army are the two platoons of Panzer grenadiers with Marders, they are small platoons even when full size but have some good stats and the excellent Milan missiles to give them some bite! I have a Platoon of 3 Leopard 2's, very expensive but very capable to wreak havoc among enemy MBT's.

The rest is support really, the Germans are spoiled for AA with Gepards (6 in my list), Roland Flarakpanzer (2 of) and some Fliegerfaust that you can get when you have the other AA assets. This is probably more AA than needed, but Gepards can hunt BMP's and Roland have good stats.

Marder Panzergrenadier Kompanie HQ
1x G3 rifle team
1x Marder

1 points 

Marder Panzergrenadier Zug
3x MG3 team with Panzerfaust 44
2x Milan missile team
3x Marder

7 points
Marder Panzergrenadier Zug
3x MG3 team with Panzerfaust 44
2x Milan missile team
3x Marder

7 points
Leopard 2 Panzer Zug
3x Leopard 2
33 points
Total 48 points
M113 Panzermorser Zug
6x M113 Panzermorser
6 points
2x Luchs Späh Trupp
2x Luchs (1 point ea)

2 points
Jaguar 2 Jagdpanzer Zug
3x Jaguar 2
5 points
Gepard Flakpanzer Batterie
6x Gepard FlakPanzers

15 points
Roland Flarakpanzer Batterie
2x Roland 2

3 points
Fliegerfaust Gruppe
6x Redeye team
6 points
LARS Raketenwerfer Batterie
  3 points
PAH Anti-tank Helicopter Flight
2x PAH
 8 points
Tornado Strike Flight
2x Tornado Strike Flight

4 points
Total 52 points


Other than that I have four Luchs, how can I not when you get 2 of them for 1 point. There is 2 Tornadoes but I might take that up to 4 once I played with the list, Salvo template with nice AP…

A couple of Bo-105s with their HOT missiles, 2 LARS, such a cool model and a platoon of Panzermörzer for smoke, oh and I also get the Jaguars as well…  So, well I got most of what the new Army have to offer for 100 points, lots of cool toys on the table after a playing with for a while I’ll make some tuning to what works games wise, but that’s a secondary concern.


Leopard West Germans