Leopard – West Germans in World War III
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Leopard: West Germans in World War III Leopard – West Germans in World War III 

Leopard – West Germans in World War III is the first supplement for Team Yankee, the World War III miniatures game. It introduces the forces of West Germany to the turbulent battlefields of World War III in 1985. Leopard and the West German range of Team Yankee models include everything you need to hold back the Red Menace.

Inside you will find background on the West German Bundeswehr (armed forces) and Heer (army) and their role in the initial stages of World War III. You will also find the stories of Panzer Division 1 and Kampfgruppe Müller as they fight to defend their country form the invading communist forces.

Leopard – West Germans in World War III...

Product Spotlights
Kampfgruppe Müller - West German Panzer Kampfgruppe (TGRAB1)
Leopard 2 Panzer Zug (TGBX01)
Leopard 2 Panzer Zug (TGBX02)
Leopard 2

Kampfgruppe Müller (TGRAB1)
West German Panzer Battlegroup

Marder Zug (TGBX02) Leopard 1 Panzer Zug (TGBX03)
Marder Zug (TGBX02)
Containts 5 Plastic Marder IFVs
Leopard 1 Panzer Zug (TGBX03)
Contains 3 Leopard 1 Tanks
Jaguar Jagdpanzer Zug (TGBX04) Luchs Späh Trupp (TGBX05) Fuchs Transportpanzer (TGBX06)

Jaguar Jagdpanzer Zug (TGBX04)
Contains 3 Jaguar 1 or 2 Jagdpanzers

Luchs Späh Trupp

Contains 4 Luchs Armoured Cars

Fuchs Transport
Gepard FlaK Batterie (TGBX07) Roland FlaK Batterie (TGBX08) M113 Panzermörser Zug (TGBX09)
Gepard FlaK Batterie (TGBX07)
Roland FlaK Batterie (TGBX08) M113 Panzermörser Zug (TGBX09)
Contains 3 Plastic M113 Panzermõrsers
Fuchs Transportpanzer (TGBX06) Raketenwerfer Batterie (TGBX11)
M109G Panzerartillerie Batterie (TGBX10)
Contains 3 M109G SP Howitzers
LARS Raketenwerfer Batterie (TGBX11)
PAH Anti-tank Helicopter Flight (TGBX12) Tornado Strike Flight (TGBX15)
PAH Anti-tank Helicopter Flight (TGBX12)
Contains 2 Plastic BO-105P Helicopters
Tornado Strike Flight (TGBX15)
Contains 2 Tornado Aircraft
Panzergrenadier Zug (TGR702) Fliegerfaust Gruppe (TGR708)
Panzergrenadier Zug (TGR702) Fliegerfaust Gruppe (TGR708)
Team Yankee German Paint Set (TYP192) Team Yankee German Paint Set (TYP192) West German Token Set (TTK03) West German Salvo Template (TAT03)
Team Yankee German Paint Set (TYP192)
NATO Green Spray (TYP292) West German Token Set (TTK03) German Template (TAT03)

Leopard Articles

The Leopard's Roar
Leopard Battle Reports
The release of Leopard has already seen some great Battle Reports that you can watch or read. Here we show off three of the best, including a video battle report Phil made with the Beasts of War guys, and a chance for you to win a copy of Kamfgruppe Müller army.

The Leopard's Roar – Leopard Battle Reports...

The Leopard's Roar – Leopard Battle Reports
Rob's West Germans

Rob's West Germans
Rob is one of our resident rivet counters in the office, loving all things Bundeswehr. When developing Leopard he brought in a wealth of information for the team to read and review. He also brought in a rather impressive 1/6 scale remote control Leopard II that patrolled the office rolling over anything that got in its way.

Rob's West Germans...

Leopard logo

Leopard Launch Weekend July 9-10

A third nation has entered the Third World War, with the arrival of West Germany.
Leopard, West Germans in World War III expands the story started in Team Yankee.

Over the entire launch weekend the Battlefront ran a live blog, with product previews, assembly and painting videos, battle reports and a looke behind the scenes at the design studio.

Leopard Live Blog – Saturday Leopard Live Blog – Sunday
• Welcome to Leopard
• The studio gets to work
• German Plastics Preview
• Leopard 2A4 shooting at minibus
• Leopard Battle Report — Part 1
• Marder Assembly video
• German Support Preview
• Leopard 2 Assembly
• Afternoon gaming
• Wayne's Leopard 2 Panzer Kompanie
• NATO Camouflage templates
• Leopard 2 Painting Guide
• Anders's Panzergrenadier Kompanie
• Chris's Team Yankee M1 Abrams Company
• BO-105 PAH Assembly Video
• BO-105 PAH Painting Guide
• Andrew's Leopard 2 Panzer Kompanie
• German Aufklärungs Preview
• Battlefield in a Box Fast Food Restaurant
• Leopard lands in the Digital app
• Chris's Leopard 2 Panzer Kompanie
• German AA & Tornado Preview
• German Infantry Painting Guide
• Lonnie's Panzergrenadier Kompanie
• Battlefield in a Box European Farm House
• Khairul's Tornadoes
• Leopard Q&A
• Battle Report – Part 2
Leopard Battle Report

Leopard Battle Report
Wayne Turner vs Chris Townley

A West German Leopard 2 Panzer Kompanie, played by Wayne Turner, who wrote Leopard, challenges Chris Townley's T-72 Tank Battalion using the Dust-up mission from the Team Yankee rulebook.

Leopard Battle Report...


Phil talks to Beasts of War

Jon and Justin from Beasts of War talked to Phil Yates about some of the new West German units for Leopard, as well as trying out the new skirmish game TANKS.

(Phil's interview segment starts at 1:08:20)

Beasts of War Weekender – Phil Yates interview...

Beast of War Weekender

Breakthrough Assault: Leopard Review

Following Ben's previews of of Leopard Unit Cards, this week Mark Goddard takes an in-depth look at the book itself.

Breakthrough Assault: Leopard Review...

Breakthrough Assault: Leopard Review
Breakthrough Assault: Leopard Lists Breakthrough Assault: Leopard Lists

And following on from his review of the book, Mark talks about some sample lists, showing the variety you can take at the 100-point level.

Breakthrough Assault: Leopard Lists...