Wolfgang's Bratty Wagon

Wolfgang’s Bratty Wagon
Special Give-away Model

When the British Army of the Rhine ran training exercises in the Soltau-Lüneburg Training Area throughout the ‘70s, ‘80s and into the early '90s, a familiar sight was a blue Mercedes van from which a man named Wolfgang would sell bratwursts, hot chips, burgers and cold beer.

Model designed by Evan Allen
Wolfgang's Bratty Wagon Wolfgang's Bratty Wagon
Wolfgang's Bratty Wagon
Wolfgang's Bratty Wagon Wolfgang's Bratty Wagon
It seems as though every British serviceman who went through training in Germany has a story about Wolfgang, ‘the Legend of Soltau’ and his food truck appearing like magic through the smoke of a mock battle, eliciting angry shouts from many an NCO as soldiers ran off to buy hot chips, bratwursts, burgers and cold beer.
Wolfgang's Bratty Wagon Wolfgang's Bratty Wagon
Wolfgang had a semi-mythical ability to manoeuvre his van across seemingly impassible terrain to bring his wares to hungry armour crews (who were then often obliged to tow the van out when it got stuck). His knowledge of exercise plans and the local terrain was also legendary, and he often knew where units were headed before they even received their movement orders – some observed that if he wasn’t an East German spy, he should have been.
Wolfgang's Bratty Wagon

The Soltau-Lüneburg Training Area was not without controversy among the local German population.

Wolfgang features in this German YouTube video about the SLTA and its impact on the locals (starting at 23 minutes)...

Wolfgang's Bratty Wagon Wolfgang's Bratty Wagon

How Can I Get My Bratty Wagon?
The Bratty Wagon is only available as a giveaway as part of special promotions related to Iron Maiden. Over the launch weekend (8/9 October) we will be putting a series of competitions up on our Facebook group, as well as the Team Yankee forum and YouTube channel so keep an eye out. As a heads up though you can expect them to involve:

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Wolfgang's Bratty Wagon

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