World War III: Team Yankee FAQ Update Last updated 13 January 2020
Field Manual 101 - FAQ PDF

Phil has updated Field Manual 101, the Frequently Asked Questions document for World War III: Team Yankee.

Field Manual 101 - FAQ...
Field Manual 101 - FAQ (No Background)...

World War III: Team Yankee Quick Reference Sheet

Numerous people asked for a handy printable version of the quick reference sheet from the back of the World War III: Team Yankee rulebook. So we have made a PDF version in a few different formats for you to download and print out, and perhaps have it laminated.

World War III: Team Yankee Quick Reference Sheet...

Team Yankee Quick Reference Sheet
Team Yankee Total War

There comes a point in every gamer’s life when they want to do something big. Total War is designed to do just that — put big armies on big tables.

Instead of carefully choosing one or two Formations, you can field your entire collection at once: hundreds of points of Team Yankee troops arrayed across a large table.

Team Yankee Total War
PDF Team Yankee Total War (2.8MB)...