Fielding The T-62M In Team Yankee

Fielding The T-62M With Red Thunder
We’ve noticed many of you excitedly building the new Fate Of A Nation T-62 tanks as the Soviet T-62M (not that we can blame you, they look great). The full rules for fielding the Soviet T-62M is coming in our next Team Yankee book Oil Wars, but for those of you keen to get a head start we thought we would share the Formation and Unit Card information with you.

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A T-62M Tank Battalion can be taken in any Soviet Force from Red Thunder instead of any other Soviet Tank Battalion Formation available in a Soviet Force.

Solider Gadzhi Babayev had been sitting in his gunners seat for the last three hours as the T-62M tank of Lieutenant Korotkin rolled along the Iranian mountain road. His arse was sore, and he had an overwhelming desire to get out and stretch his legs. However, they were meant to be reaching the frontlines soon, where his battalion would launch an attack against US and Iraq forces.

A few minutes later the Lieutenant ordered the driver to halt. Babayev looked through the sight of the gun, scanning the area in front of where they had stopped. Ahead a number of the battalion’s tanks had taken positions behind an earthwork berm the Iranians had built. The Lieutenant ordered the driver forward again, and their tank neatly slotted into a position along the berm with the rest of the 2nd Company.

Fielding The T-62M In Team Yankee

Looking beyond the berm Babayev could see a flat dry area that sloped down to a palm grove surrounded by
some irrigation ditches with a scattering of buildings, but he could not spot any enemy through the heat haze
that shimmered in the distance. A flash appeared to the side of one of the distant buildings, quickly followed by
a thud as a cloud of dust and debris obscured Babayev’s view. Lieutenant Korotkin ducked down and slammed
his hatch shut.

“Tank, third building on left, engage!” he ordered.

“Anti-tank,” Babayev yelled at his loaded and was rewarded with a 115mm round immediately slammed into the breach. He lined up the area where he had seen the flash with his laser rangefinder, 1200 metres. He made adjustments and fired his round. A flash and cloud of dust greeted his round. As he watched half the building collapsed to the ground and a tank backed out from behind it.

“Anti-tank,” he asked his loader and another round was loaded.

“This time we get him Gadzhi,” yelled the Lieutenant.

Babayev had already fired the second round.

Formation Diagram

Fielding The T-62M In Team Yankee

Unit Cards

T-62M Tank Company (Plastic) (TSBX19) T-62M Tank Company (Plastic) (TSBX19)
T-62M Tank Company (Plastic) (TSBX19) T-62M Tank Company (Plastic) (TSBX19)
Red Banner Motor Rifle Division (x1) Movement Orders (x1)
Potecknov's Bears - Army Deal (TSUAB2) Potecknov's Bears - Army Deal (TSUAB2)


These Formation and Unit Cards were released as part of our next Team Yankee book, Oil War. Simply click on the links below to download the rules for fieling a T-62M Tank Company with Red Thunder.
(Updated 1st May 2019) 

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