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Last Battle Of Tank 66
As well as playing free-form missions, you can play specific scenarios, either from the Team Yankee novel, from your own imagination, or inspired by historical events in other wars. This section provides three scenarios from Team Yankee’s battles

The Corps commander began to run his finger along the front line trace of his units, stopping every so often to study Warsaw Pact forces that were opposing the corps. Without turning away from the map, and motioning with his hand as he spoke, the general began to issue instructions to his operations officer.“Frank, get your plans people to work on an attack centered around the 21st Panzer Division. As soon as the French relieve it, I want the 21st to move here and attack north into the Thuringer Wald. The mission of the 21st is to breach the Soviet security screen and then cross the IZB here. The second phase of the operation will be to continue the attack north across the Saale River towards Leipzig.”

The operations officer studied the map for a moment, then turned to the general. “Sir, can I plan on using the 25th Armored Division? Also, how far do you want us to plan after we reach Leipzig?”

“Use everything we’ve got. For planning purposes you will consider our axis of advance from where we are to Leipzig, Berlin, and finally the Baltic coast. I intend to go for broke. Until one of the Jedi knights in the G-3 Plans section comes up with a more fearsome name, we’re calling this operation Winner Take All.”


Last Battle Of Tank 66


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