SU-17 Assembly (TSBX28)

SU-17 Assembly (TSBX28)

How to assemble your SU-17 Aircraft.

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Assembling The Plastic SU-17 Fitter

Step 1. Start by gluing the main fuselage together and inserting the rear engine turbines. and the nose wheel cover.

Step 2. Next glue the wings and elevators to the main hull in the slots shown below.
SU-17 Assembly (TSBX28) SU-17 Assembly (TSBX28)

Step 3. Next Attach the cockpit, radar nose cone and antena to the main hull.

Step 4. Now glue the left and right missile pylons and the flight stand hole to the hull.

SU-17 Assembly (TSBX28) SU-17 Assembly (TSBX28)
Step 5. Attach the missiles to the pylons, glue the fuel tanks together and attach the assemblies to the wings.
Below: The fully assembled SU-17 Fitter Aircraft.
SU-17 Assembly (TSBX28) SU-17 Assembly (TSBX28)

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