Red Dawn Pre-orders

World War III: Red Dawn Pre-orders
Inside You Will Find:

  • Background on the Soviet Invasion of North America, Soviet Airborne Forces, the VDV, Cubans, US Continental and Militia Fores.
  • Instructions on how to build a Soviet BMD Air Assault Battalion, T-72B Tank Battalion, T-64BV Tank Battalion, Cuban T-62, T-55, BMP & BTR-60 Formations, and a US Militia Group.
  • Air Assault rules, US, British, West German, Soviet, Warsaw Pact and Cuban forces for the Air Assault Mission, and how to field the Mi-8 HIP, CH-46 Sea Knight, CH-47 Chinook, and CH-53 Sea Stallion transport helicopters.
  • Four Scenarios pitting US irregular Militia Groups against the Soviets.
World War III: Red Dawn  (WW3-07)
Red Dawn (WW03-07)
BMD Air Assault Battalion (TSUAB05)
BMD Air Assault Battalion (TSUAB05)
Red Dawn Releases
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December 3rd Releases 
Product Code Product Name  
WW3-07 World War III: Red Dawn (80p A4 HB)  
TSUAB05 BMD Air Assault Battalion  
WW3-07U Red Dawn Unit Cards (49x Cards)  
TTK25 Soviet VDV Gaming Set (20x Tokens, 2x Objectives, 16x Dice)  
WW3-07A Air Landing "Terrain Pack"  
TOURN02 2022 World War III: Team Yankee Challenge Tournament  
Air Landing "Terrain Pack" (WW3-07A)
Air Landing "Terrain Pack" (WW3-07A)
Download the free Airborne Assault Mission Pack and Token Sheets Here...
T-64BV Tank Company (x5 Plastic) (TSBX30) BMD Company (x5 Plastic) (TSBX31)
T-64BV Tank Company (x5 Plastic) (TSBX30) BMD Company (x5 Plastic) (TSBX31)
December 17th Releases
Product Code Product Name  
TSBX30 T-64BV Tank Company (x5 Plastic)  
TSBX31  BMD Company (x5 Plastic)  
TSU712  Air Assault Platoon (x25 Figs)  
TSU716 Air Assault Heavy Weapons (x36 Figs)  

January 7th Releases (Direct Only) 
Product Code Product Name  
TSO31  Hip Transport Helicopter (x1) (Direct Only)  
TSO32  FROG-7 Launcher (x1) (Direct Only)  
TSO33 Cuban AGS-17 Grenade Launcher Team (x6 figs) (Direct Only)  

Chinook Transport Helicopter (x1) (Direct Only)

TUSO17 Sea Knight Transport Helicopter (x1) (Direct Only)  
TUSO18 Sea Stallion Transport Helicopter (x1) (Direct Only)  
ASU-85 Assault Gun Company (TSBX34) BTR-D Platoon (TSBX32)
ASU-85 Assault Gun Company (TSBX34) BTR-D Platoon (TSBX32)
January 14th Releases
Product Code Product Name  
TUS712 "Wolverines" Armed Militia (x27 Figs)  
TUS713 Pickup Trucks (x4)  
TSBX32 BTR-D Platoon (x3)  
TSBX33 2S9 Nona-S SP Gun-Mortar Battery (x3)  
TSBX34 ASU-85 Assault Gun Company (x5)  

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