Pickup Trucks (TUS713)

Pickup Trucks (x4) (TUS713)
Contains four Pickup Trucks and one Unit Card.

Pickup trucks are a prized possession among militia teams, allowing them to appear and ambush the enemy from behind, before slinking away.

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With the war in Europe hitting a standstill, the Soviet Union has taken a bold decision to invade North America. Utilising their elite airborne forces, the VDV, they strike into the heart of America in a two-pronged attack. First through the Canadian province of British Columbia and into Alberta and then from the Gulf of Mexico into Texas...

World War III: Red Dawn
Pickup Trucks (TUS713)

The Pickup Trucks
Pickup Trucks (TUS713)

Pickup Truck (x4) Contents
Pickup Trucks (TUS713)
Unit Card (x1)
Pickup Trucks (TUS713)

Pickup Trucks (TUS713)

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