NZ Army Operation Torokiki 2022
With Evan

In late November members of the 1st (New Zealand) Brigade undertook Operation Torokiki, a four-day activity designed to revise and practice basic soldier skills post Operation Protect (COVID).  One of the training stands was Armoured Fighting Vehicle recognition.  A member of the Manawatu Duellists War Gaming Club graciously loaned a selection of 1/100 scale (15mm) Battlefront models from the Team Yankee range.

NZ Army Operation Torokiki

The beauty of the 1/100 scale models is that it is easy for an instructor to lay out an accurate observation stand as one metre is equal to 100m in the real world.   In this case, 20 models were arranged at four to five metres equating to 400 -500m.   

Teams of 10 were given 12 minutes to observe the models using the optical sights on their rifles and binoculars.   The soldiers then report what they see to their section commander who collates and plots the sightings. If there is a disagreement between section members over a particular vehicle, the section commander makes the final call.

NZ Army Operation Torokiki

The use of attractive and realistic models enhanced the training experience. It was also clear that the soldiers enjoyed the challenge and there was certainly a degree of competition even amongst members of the same section.   

At the same time, the soldiers were able to apply the  SST SSM principles of why objects are seen; Shape, Silhouette, Texture, Shadow, Spacing and Movement.

NZ Army Operation Torokiki
NZ Army Operation Torokiki

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