NM135 or NM195 Platoon (TNOBX01)

NM135 or NM195 Platoon (x4) (TNOBX01)
Contains four NM135 Transports or NM195 RBS-70 AA Missile Carriers.

The NM135 stormpanservogn is rebuilt on the M113 chassis, modified to add a turret on the right side. The turret is armed with a 20mm Rheinmetall autocannon. The NM135 carried an anti-tank group, a machine-gun group, the deputy section leader, and the reserve vehicle commander — who took over when the section commander dismounted from the vehicle commander’s position. 

A Luftvernbatteri (air defence battery) of the Light Air Defence Artillery (LLA) of Brigade Nord is equipped with the Swedish Robot 70 system (RBS-70), which works with the separate Giraffe search radar system situated behind the front lines. The RBS-70 missile launchers are mounted on the NM195 air defence vehicle (a modified M113 APC).

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Both Norway and Denmark were quick to join NATO after its establishment in 1949. However, Sweden and Finland remain neutral, each for their own reasons, but always wary of their massive Soviet neighbour...

World War III: Nordic Forces
NM135 or NM195 Platoon (TNOBX01)

The NM135 Transport
NM135 or NM195 Platoon (TNOBX01)
The NM195 RBS-70 AA Missile Carrier
NM135 or NM195 Platoon (TNOBX01)
NM135 or NM195 Platoon Contents
NM135 or NM195 Platoon (TNOBX01)
Plastic M113 Sprue (x4)
NM135 or NM195 Platoon (TNOBX01)

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