Centurion Tank Platoon (Plastic) (TSWBX02)

Centurion Tank Platoon (x5) (Plastic) (TSWBX02)
Contains five Swedish Strv 104 Centurion, or Danish Centurion or Centurion DK Tanks.

The Swedes have been using the British Centurion since 1953. By the 1980s upgrade programs have modernised the fleet and all tanks are armed with the 105mm L7 rifled gun. The Strv 104 Centurions are equipped with new sights and an improved fire control system. They have had the old petrol engine replaced by the engine and transmission from the American M60, comprising an air-cooled diesel engine and a semi-automatic gearbox.

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Both Norway and Denmark were quick to join NATO after its establishment in 1949. However, Sweden and Finland remain neutral, each for their own reasons, but always wary of their massive Soviet neighbour...

World War III: Nordic Forces
The Strv 104 inherited the Mark 10 Centurion’s 120mm thick sloped armour. To this have been added Explosive Reactive Armour (ERA) blocks that cover the glacis front, part of the turret ring, front, mantlet and turret roof.

The Strv 104 Centurion is well-liked; the new gearbox makes it very easy to drive compared to its predecessor, and the top speed has increased to 48km/h (from 35km/h).

Centurion was originally delivered to Denmark in 1953 and paid for by the US, before half of the fleet was upgunned in the 1960s with the 105mm L7. Between 1982 and 1985 the ageing Centurion tanks received the DK upgrade package that increased their night fighting capabilities with a PZB-200 camera, the same as the one used on the Leopard 1 tanks, a laser rangefinder and a primitive thermal sighting system, known as a thermal tracer. With the new designation as Centurion Mk V, 2 DK, usually called Centurion DK for short, they served for the remainder of the Cold War with the Zealand (Sjælland) brigades.
Centurion Tank Platoon (Plastic) (TSWBX02)

The Swedish Strv 104 Centurion
Centurion Tank Platoon (Plastic) (TSWBX02)
The Danish Centurion DK
Centurion Tank Platoon (Plastic) (TSWBX02)

Centurion Tank Platoon Contents
Plastic Centurion Tank Sprue (x5)
Centurion Tank Platoon (Plastic) (TSWBX02)
Centurion Tank Platoon (Plastic) (TSWBX02)
Nordic Commander Sprue (x1)
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