Swedish Air Forces in Team Yankee

Swedish Air Forces in Team Yankee
By John Lee

With the Nordic release, we get two new air units for Sweden (HKP 9 Helicopter and Viggen Strike Aircraft) but can be used across three nations in the release itself!

The Hkp9 helicopter is a modified German MBB Bo 105 (the West PAH Helicopter in WW3 Team Yankee).  They differ in that the Hkp9 mounted four TOW instead of six HOT and a new missile aiming sight developed by SAAB and called the HeliTOW.  A total of twenty Hkp9 helicopters were supplied to Sweden.  They were divided between two Army Aviation battalions, AF1 and AF2.  There are two slots in the Swedish force diagram allowing you to take up to eight helicopters!  There is also one slot in the Finnish force diagram to take an allied unit of Hkp9.  In the game, it has the Hunter Killer attribute like other NATO helicopters and with TOW has AT21 out to 48”.  This gives the Swedish and Finnish forces an air-mobile missile platform.

Swedish Air Forces in Team Yankee

The SAAB 37 Viggen came about as a replacement for the SAAB 32 Lansen and SAAB 35 Draken.  It was designed to perform different roles including Fighter Intercepter, Reconnaissance, and Attack Aircraft.  Whilst 831 were ordered, only 329 were produced across the various models.  They served across eight Fighter, three Reconnaissance, and five Attack squadrons.  The aircraft was progressive for the time and was designed to be able to short take-offs and landings from pre-prepared roads and highways.  There is a slot to take Viggens for both the Swedish and Finnish force diagrams.  The Norwegians also have a slot in their force diagram but it's shared with the US Marine Harriers – so you choose one or the other.  It has three different weapon options in the game giving you flexibility each time they arrive on the table per turn.  The best one is the AT27 Maverick missile with a 36” range.  You have a one-shot salvo weapon with AT5 that could be useful against enemy AA and artillery units.  Last but not least is a 30mm gun with ROF 2 (potentially eight dice with four aircraft) AT7 to shoot up light-armoured vehicles or helicopters.

Swedish Air Forces in Team Yankee

To maximise a 100pt list taking eight helicopters and four aircraft, we can take a Swedish formation – either infantry or Centurion tank list.  I love the Centurion (especially as the Swedish one has ERA), so let's see how this could work:

Swedish Air Forces in Team Yankee

We have managed to get a force with six units for the formation break.  Two infantry units in the formation (quite unique really for a tank-based formation!).  Spearhead to get your Centurions closer to assault where missions allow spearhead.  Artillery template to pin down or eliminate enemy infantry units and vehicles with AT4 vs. TA.  Eight helicopters firing TOWs along with jeep-based RBS-56 AT22 missiles.  Viggens to round out the force with their AT27.  The helicopters and artillery can prepare the way for the Viggens by removing the enemy AA.

Another option for getting even more helicopters on the pitch is to take an allied US M113 Cavalry or M3 Cavalry formations as these formations allow you to take four Cobras or Apaches alongside Airbourne infantry transported in Hueys! 

I am always excited with each new release where there are new or upgraded helicopters and aircraft.  The SAAB 37 Viggen is an iconic aircraft from the Cold War Era that is a must-buy – whether you decide to play the Swedes or not.  For me personally, I will be getting them to go with my future Finnish army!

~ John




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