Israeli Upgrades

Israeli Reinforcements - A Blast From the Past
By Wayne Turner

One of the interesting things when we were developing the Centurion was trying to put as many extra bits and pieces on the frame as possible to future proof it for other projects. For those of you that have already looked at the Centurion plastic frame you can see there are a LOT of extra pieces on there – some for the recently announced Clash of Steel (and Leviathans), some for Nordic Forces and of course some for the Israelis. We didn’t want Israeli players to have to wait for an updated version of their book so we have put together this PDF for you to download. As a bonus, we’ve also included some updates to Israeli missile systems (much like in the recent NATO book) to give players a little extra firepower!

The Israeli Armoured Corps is the backbone of the IDF ground forces and operates under a ‘combined arms’ battle doctrine. An armoured formation contains a majority of tank units with the addition of mechanised infantry and artillery units working in cooperation. The cooperation between armoured and mechanised infantry enables the tanks to maintain combat momentum and mobility. 

This doctrine was successfully demonstrated during the 1982 Operation ‘Peace for Galilee’ invasion of Lebanon. Combat in urban built-up areas have led to further modifications and updates of the IDF armoured corps combat doctrine. Updates were also made to equipment and weapons to suit battles in the urban environment.

Some battalions still operate the Sho’t (Whip) Centurion. These British tanks have been heavily upgraded since the wars of 1967 and 1973, with new American diesel engines and automatic transmissions giving them many mechanical components in common with the M60 Patton, or Magach 6 as the IDF call them, and the new Merkava tanks.

Israeli Upgrades

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Israeli Upgrades 

 Upgrades to Israeli Missile Systems
In the WWIII: NATO book we added some upgrades for previously released forces, giving them the HOT 2 and Dragon 2 missiles. We thought this would be a good time for the mid-life upgrade for the Israeli Forces and have done the same, but for TOW-2 and Dragon 2. This should give Israeli players a little extra punch when fighting against the latest T-80s and other modern vehicles.

Israeli Upgrades

Israeli Upgrades

Israeli Upgrades

TOW Jeep           M47 Dragon Team
Viper Attack Chopper
Israeli Upgrades

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