WWIII: Team Yankee

Dynamic Points for World War III: Team Yankee

World War III: Team Yankee has been around since 2015 and is well set to be around into the future. In those 9 years, you have been playing many of games and have given us lots of feedback. World War III: Team Yankee continues to work well and is producing well-balanced games.

Having said that, there is always room for improvement and we have been experimenting with some tuning of the points. We have created this list of entirely optional points adjustments you can try. For those using the Forces of War on-line army builder to organise your games, we will add a button to switch between the points shown on the books and cards and the dynamic points so that you can use whichever you want in your games once we finalise the changes.

With the 2024 World War III: Team Yankee Dynamic Points we have selected a few areas to initially focus on.

You can find more information of these dynamic points changes in the following PDF.

The game is well balanced at the moment, but you may see a change in the composition of the forces turning up at games. For veteran World War III: Team Yankee players, these changes should make for some refreshing new challenges!

We have also set up a Google Form so you can give your opinions on the changes. This form is a chance to offer us some feedback on these changes, whether you think they are too much, not enough, just right, or if you prefer the published points in the book. For more detailed feedback we have panel you can just give you thoughts at the end of the form.

Initially we will have a four-week period where we collect your feedback on the Dynamic Points before we make any adjustments and lock them down for six months when we will begin the review process again in November 2024. After that we won’t make any changes until the next year where we will repeat this process.

Thanks again, and enjoy. We look forward to seeing your games played using Dynamic Points.
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