Team Yankee Demo Games in the UK Office

Team Yankee

Team Yankee Demo Games in the UK Office

Anders Johansson, Battlefront's resident Swede, has been taking some of his fellow staffers at the Battlefront UK office through some demonstration games of Team Yankee. 

Anders tells us more... 

I have been running demos and training games with various groups all day and much fun and rejoicing were to be had.

First out were Joaquin Meier, Tim Adcock and Matt Sulley.

Right: Joaquin getting to grips with movment. 

Joaquin Meier deploys this tanks
Joaquiin moves his troops towards Tim's forces Left: Tim (US) and Joaquin (SOV) going in to battle.
Right: Some of my artillery takes out an M113 for Matt. Matt has to remove his M113 knocked out by Anders's artillery.
Anders and Joaquin Left: Anders and Joaquin fight it out on a 36"/90cm square battlefield.
Right: Matt looks with disdain at the handiwork of the SU-25, having failed to stay on it’s base in sheer excitement over the destrection it wrought. Matt
Tim, Matt and Joaquin Left: Matt gives Joaquin some friendly advice on which of the M1s hr should picks as a target.
Right: Rolling a one (not the first one…)! Dice gets flying as Joaquin gives us a lesson in fiery Spanish curse words! Rolling a one
Wherever the dice fall... Left: Picking up dice from the floor…
Right: Tim checks out the detructive power of air and artillery on the other table. Tim checks out the other table
Joaquin and Matt begin a larger game Left: Matt is eager to try the Hind (you can have six of them!)
Right: Joaquin studying the assault rules as Matt unpins the Soviet infantry platoon.   Joaquin and Matt
US Team Yankee force ready to paint.

Left: We have plenty of stuff to paint, M1 Abrams in the foreground are pre production Resin models, the Cobras doing the Hunter-Killer thing in the background are my own that I just built.

Right: Next up were Kristian and Gordon. Kristian and Gordon
Kristian and Gordon get their game started Starting form where the others left of. A few Tanks on each side, Mech Infantry, Air, AA and Artillery.
Right: Gordon takes the first shots! Gordon takes his first shots.
All the templates belong to Gordon Left: Not content with only having the US blue artillery template, Gordon nicks the red template when Kristian is looking at the cards…
Right: Gordon ponders if Kristian really is going to go that aggressive with his BMPs… Gordon ponders
Gordon jokes Left: Joking about Warthogs going up the rear, breaks the tension.
Right: The Hind will be next, Gordon points out. Hinds are next
Gordon checks the card

Left: It says here on the card that the M1 remount on a 2+!

Can I do a terrain dash if I go over a hedge?

Yes indeed you can but you have to make a crossing Check doing so. 


Right: Gordon sneaking up with the M109s behind the buildings. Gordon moves his artillery
Charge! Left: Contemplating a mad charge to seal Kristian’s fate.

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