Hammerfall Landing Page

Hammerfall: World War III Battles (TYBX01)
Hammerfall: World War III Battles (TYBX01)

Hammerfall Landing Page
Hammerfall is your introduction to the exciting world of Team Yankee, the world’s
most popular World War III miniatures game. Inside the Hammerfall box you will find:

  • 2x Plastic IPM1 or M1 Abrams tanks,
  • 3x Plastic T-64 tanks,
  • a Hammerfall 'Start Here Booklet',
  • Terrain Cards,
  • Dice,
  • and Unit Cards
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The IPM1 or M1 Abrams tank

The M1 Abrams’ NATO-standard 105mm gun fires the latest long-rod, fin-stabilised ammunition, giving it incredible penetrating power. This time-tested gun combines remarkably compact rounds for a high rate of fire, with a deadly effect against almost any type of target. Its advanced stabiliser, laser rangefinder, and thermal imager allow it to hit targets at any range while moving rapidly across any terrain, whether by day or by night.

Hammerfall: World War III Battles (TYBX01) Hammerfall: World War III Battles (TYBX01)

The T-64 tank

The T-64 is armed with the excellent smooth bore 125mm 2A46 gun, which fires high-explosive, high-explosive fragmentation, and armour-piercing fin-stabilised discarding-sabot rounds. By the 1980s, the Soviet forces in East Germany had replaced most of their tanks with the T-64 tank. The T-64 can fire Kobra (NATO designation AT-8 Songster)
anti-tank guided missiles in the same manner as ordinary rounds. The missiles have a maximum range of 4000 metres and a hit probability of about 80%. The fully stabilised gun and sight system allowed the missiles to be fired on the move, unlike many other guided missiles. Not all T-64 tanks are armed with the Kobra missile, and some tanks were manufactured without the missile guidance system.
Hammerfall: World War III Battles (TYBX01) Hammerfall: World War III Battles (TYBX01)

Assembling Your Tanks

Assembling the IPM1 or M1 Abrams tank

Assembling the T-64 tank

Hammerfall: World War III Battles (TYBX01) Hammerfall: World War III Battles (TYBX01)
The Team Yankee website is filled with interesting content, here are a few articles to get you started...

Team Yankee Facebook Group
The first link isn't an article on the Team Yankee website but a link to our Facebook Group. Here you can find plenty of discussion about lists, units, painting and everything else Team Yankee related. It is also a great place to ask questions about how the game works as there as the Studio team, along with lots of knowledgeable players are there to help you out.

Team Yankee Facebook Group...

US Vehicle Colour Schemes in Team Yankee
If you are looking for a crash course in historical colour schemes for the US forces in Team Yankee then look no further. Aaron (our resident Studio painter) has put together a primer on some of the ways you can choose to paint your army.

US Vehicle Colour Schemes in Team Yankee...

Historical US Vehicle colour schemes in Team Yankee

MERDC Painting Templates

US MERDC Painting Templates
If the term MERDC is greek to you then have a read of Aaron's excellent article (above), but if you are interesting in trying out this iconic and interesting paint scheme Chris has a few tips and tricks to make painting your US army a little easier.

US MERDC Painting Templates...

Chris' M1 Abrams Tank Company
The Studio team have all been busy working on Team Yankee armies since the launch of the game. Find out is Chris' tips and tricks for painting MERDC worked out and what the finished army looks like.

Chris' M1 Abrams Tank Company...

Chris has also started work on his own Soviet T-64 tank company. Follow his progress here.

Chris' T-64 Tank Battalion...

Chris' Team Yankee

Waynes Team Yankee Soviets

Wayne's T-72 Tank Battalion
The original Team Yankee book included the T-72 tank (rather than the T-64 included in Hammerfall) but you can see his progress building his army as well as what supports he chose to add with the release of Red Thunder.

Wayne's T-72 Tank Battalion...

Wayne's T-72 Tank Battalion Red Thunder Update...

Aaron's M1 Abrams Tank Company
Aaron decided to stick with the MERDC scheme as well, but after painting enough US vehicles in the Winter Verdant variant of the MERDC camouflage pattern to last a lifetime, he chose to paint his force in the Summer Verdant scheme, for a bit of variety.

Aaron's M1 Abrams Tank Company...

Aaron's Team Yankee Army

Team Yankee More Missions

Quick Missions for Team Yankee
With the Firestorm Campaign running we have been playing a lot of lunch time games here in the Studio. To get a result in a limited amount of time we have been trying out games with smaller armies. We then thought "let's make some themed missions related to the campaign designed for these smaller armies."

These would be a great place to move to if you running the forces from the Hammerfall box.

Quick Missions for Team Yankee...
Team Yankee FAQ Update

Got a rules question or looking for a little more information then check out Field Manual 101.

Field Manual 101 FAQ...

Field Manual 101 - FAQ

Stripes: US Forces in World War III Red Thunder: Soviets in World War III

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