Australian Gaming Aids

Free Nations: Canadian, French, Dutch and Australian Forces In WWIII Australian Gaming Aids
Australian Token Set (TTK07)... Australian Dice Set (TAU900)...
Team Yankee NATO Template (TAT06)
Artillery and aircraft are not precision weapons. Their shells and bombs blanket a wide area, possibly wiping out dozens of the enemy at a time. Artillery and Salvo Templates make it easy to work out who is hit and who isn’t.

There are two sizes of template available in the game: Artillery (6”/15cm square) and Salvo (10”/25cm square) depending on the ROF rating of the weapons firing. This transparent laser-cut acrylic template integrates both sizes in one handy piece.

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Team Yankee NATO Template (TAT06)
Australian Token Set (TTK06)
includes four Bogged Down tokens, two Gone To Ground tokens, three Minefield tokens, four Anti-Aircraft token, one Ranged In tokens, two Foxholes tokens, four Bailed Out tokens and two Pinned Down tokens.

Even though they are toy soldiers, your troops react to heavy fire like real soldiers. Sometimes they get pinned down or bail out of their tanks. They can dig foxholes for protection or go to ground, hiding from the enemy. Tokens help you keep track of the state of your troops.The Australian Token Set contains 20 gaming token in the following breakdown:

4x Bogged Down token; 2x Gone To Ground tokens; 3x Minefield tokens; 4Anti-Aircraft tokens; 1x Ranged In token; 2x Foxholes tokens; 4Bailed Out tokens and 2x Pinned Down tokens.

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Australian Token Set (TTK07)

Australian Dice Set (TAU900)
includes 20 Australian themed gaming dice.

“Enemy tank - “ was as far as Loxton got before his gunner, Gamson, yelled “Target! Firing!” and the turret rocked back with recoil. Even with the flash from the shot glaring in front of him, Loxton saw the ground next to the racing target erupt as the kinetic round demolished the paving.

“You bowling underarm, mate?” laughed Keiran as he slammed another round home. “Clearly demented,” thought Loxton, as he watched the 125mm barrel of the enemy tank swing towards them. Simultaneous shots boomed out. The T-72 turret sheared off, accompanied by an eruption of flame and oily black smoke.

Note: The Kangroo on each die represents the 6. 

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Australian Dice Set (TAU900)