Iranian Gaming Aids

Oil War: World War III In The Middle East Iranian Gaming Aids
Iranian Token Set (TTK13)... Iranian Dice Set (TIR900)...
Iranian Token Set (TTK13)
includes four Bogged Down tokens, two Gone To Ground tokens, three Minefield tokens, four Anti-Aircraft token, one Ranged In tokens, two Foxholes tokens, four Bailed Out tokens and two Pinned Down tokens.

Even though they are toy soldiers, your troops react to heavy fire like real soldiers. Sometimes they get pinned down or bail out of their tanks. They can dig foxholes for protection or go to ground, hiding from the enemy. Tokens help you keep track of the state of your troops.The IranianToken Set contains 20 gaming token in the following breakdown:

4x Bogged Down token; 2x Gone To Ground tokens; 3x Minefield tokens; 4Anti-Aircraft tokens; 1x Ranged In token; 2x Foxholes tokens; 4Bailed Out tokens and 2x Pinned Down tokens.

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Iranian Token Set (TTK13)

Iranian Dice Set (TIR900)
includes 20 Iranian themed gaming dice.

Major Hassan Jazani stood in the turret of his tank with his head out of the commander’s cupola observing as his first two tank groups moved around the sand dune and onto the track leading to the narrow gap between two outcrops. His HQ was next, with his last tank group trailing behind as a reserve. They moved slowly but steadily, so as to minimise the dust cloud signature of his eleven Chieftain tanks, making the twenty minutes seem like an eternity.

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As the Iranian tanks advanced two abreast through the defile, Jazani could see that his tank commanders all had their heads out scanning for potential threats.

Just as the number one and two tanks of his lead group were about to leave the defile and enter the open ground beyond, the vehicle on the right erupted in a sheet of flame, and the earth to the left of the other tank leapt geyser-like into the air. The vehicle that was hit stopped, flames and smoke pouring out of the open hatches.

The tank on the left and the following four all started to spray the rocky crags with machineguns as they accelerated for the now narrower gap.

His tank lurched as it sped up, ‘No puny Iraqi ambush would stop this breakthrough!’ thought Jazani as he switched his radio to the company net ready to urge his men forward.

Note: The Iran Coat Of Arms on each die represents the 6.

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Iranian Dice Set (TIR900)