Milan Section (TFR706)

Milan Section (TFR706)

Milan Section (TFR706)
Includes ten Milan anti-tank missile teams, ten two-hole small plastic bases, three plastic base insert sprues and one Unit card.

French VAB mounted infantry battalions have 24 Milan anti-tank guided missile systems available in support.

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Since its inception in 1949, NATO has been a community of free nations brought together with a common goal, to defend the freedom of Western Europe and North America. To do this Canada, France and the Netherlands deploy armoured and mechanised forces in West Germany.

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Free Nations: Canadian, French, Dutch and Australian Forces In WWIII

Most are allocated out to the infantry units, but some are retained in the Section Antichar (Anti-tank Section) to provide a reserve or to be deployed in a concentrated group for anti-tank defence.

Designed by Evan Allen
Painted by Aaron Te Hira-Mathie

Milan anti-tank missile team (x10)
Milan Section (TFR706) Milan Section (TFR706) Milan Section (TFR706)

Milan Section Box Contents

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Milan Section (TFR706)
Unit Cards
Milan Section Antichar (x1) 
Milan Section (TFR706)

Assembling the Milan Section
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Milan Section (TFR706)

Assembling the Milan team

Base the Milan missile team on a small base with a gunner and a loader.

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