Mech Company (TQBX01)

Mech Company (TQBX01)

Mech Company (TQBX01)
Includes one Formation Command team, seven AK-47 Assault Rifle Teams, six RPG-7 anti-tank teams, PKM LMG team, seven medium four-hole bases, one small three -hole base and seven small two-hole bases, two large six-hole bases and one plastic base insert sprue.

Like their tank forces, Iraqi mechanised infantry doctrine followed the organisation, methods, and tactics of the Soviet motor rifle units. Soviet advisers in the 1970s had drilled and educated the officer corps on Soviet combined arms tactics. An Iraqi mechanized company is a true combined arms force with infantry, machinegun, anti-tank, and anti-air capability. As well as the BMPs, the infantry were equipped with AK-47 assault rifles and RPG-7 anti-tank rockets, making them mobile and dangerous.

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Oil War: World War III In The Middle East

Oil War
With Europe ablaze the shadow of war quickly crept across the globe. In the Middle East, Iran and Iraq had been locked in a conflict across their border since 1980, and looked unlikely to stop anytime soon.  Further west, Israel and Syria had come to blows in Lebanon as Israel fought PLO forces operating from inside their northern neighbour. The oil rich region, already rife with conflict and tension, was about to be drawn into World War III as the Soviet Union and US led NATO set about protecting their interests in the black gold that kept the wheels of industry turning.

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Mech Company (TQBX01) Mech Company (TQBX01)
Formation Command team (x1)
Mech Company (TQBX01) Mech Company (TQBX01) Mech Company (TQBX01)
AK-47 Assault Rifle Teams (x7)
Mech Company (TQBX01) Mech Company (TQBX01)
RPG-7 anti-tank teams (x6)
Mech Company (TQBX01) Mech Company (TQBX01) Mech Company (TQBX01)
PKM LMG team (x2)
Mech Company (TQBX01) Mech Company (TQBX01)

Mechanised Platoon Box Contents

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Mech Company (TQBX01)

A. 29x AK-47 Assualt Riflemen
B. 8x NCO
C. 6x PKM LMG Gunner

D. 6x RPG-7 Launcher
E. 3x Officer
Mech Company (TQBX01)

Iraqi Unit Cards (TIQ901)
contains 43 Unit Cards

The Iraqi Unit Card pack contains all the Iranian unit cards you will need to field your Iraqi force in Oil War.

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Iraqi Unit Cards

Assembling the Mech Company Platoon
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Mech Company (TQBX01)

Assembling the Commander team

Base an Officer on a small three hole base with two AK-47 riflemen.

Assembling the AK-47 Assault Rifle teams

Base the AK-47 Assault Rifle team on a medium four-hole base. Ak-47 Assault rifle teams have four riflemen armed with AK-47 rifles. 

Unit Leaders replace an AK-47 rifleman with an officer.

Mech Company (TQBX01)

Mech Company (TQBX01)

Assembling the RPG-7 anti-tank teams

Base an RPG-7 anti-tank team on a small two hole base, with one miniature armed with an RPG-7, and a AK-47 rifleman.

Assembling the PKM LMG team

Base a PKM LMG team on a large base with three PKM LMGs and three AK-74 riflemen.

Mech Company (TQBX01)

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