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Colours Of War
Colours Of War

Colours Of War Paint Sets

The Colours Of War paints are initially being sold in handy sets. The Quartermaster’s Paint Set contains all the standard colours that every army seems to need. Then each of the major nations has its own colour set, with the correct colours for their unique equipment. With just the Quartermaster’s Paint Set and the appropriate nation-specific set, you will have all the colours you need to paint your army.

Colours Of War Paint Sets...

Quartermaster's Paint Set (CWP100) German Armour Paint Set (CWP110) USA Paint Set (CWP120)
British Paint Set (CWP130) Soviet Paint Set (CWP140) German Infantry Paint Set (CWP111)

Conversion Chart

Colours Of War Conversion Chart

For those who want to follow Colours Of War paint guides using their existing collection of paints, we have a PDF chart giving the closest recommended colours from our old Vallejo Flames Of War paint range.

Colours Of War Conversion Chart PDF...

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