NATO - New Missiles

NATO - New Missiles

NATO - New Missiles
By John Lee

With the launch of WW3: NATO comes the new Eryx missile and upgraded Milan 2, HOT 2 and Dragon 2 missiles. Let’s look at which nations get access to what missile and for the Eryx missile, how to get the teams if you already have existing French and/or Canadian infantry platoons.

Starting off with the Eryx first, the missile itself is available for both the French and Canadian forces.

For the French, there are four units that you can take the Eryx missile. You replace one or both LRAC teams with an Eryx team for +1pt each in the AMX-10P and VAB Infantry Platoons. For the VBL Patrols in both the Cavalry and Recon Squadrons, you replace all APILAS in the vehicles for +1pt for the unit.

NATO - New Missiles

For the Canadians, there are three units that can take the Eryx missile. You replace all three Carl Gustav teams in the M113 Mechanised Infantry Platoon for +1pt each. In the Grizzly Mechanised Infantry and Airbourne Infantry Platoons, replace the single Carl Gustav team for +1pt.

NATO - New Missiles

Now onto the missile stats for the Eryx. It has a short range of 16” but no actual minimum range (except in close assaults – see below). It can only fire when stationary so be careful when it gets pinned as it won’t be able to fire. It is AT24 with 4+ FP. It is Brutal, has Thermal Imaging, HEAT, Tandem Warhead and has a special No Assault rule.
Tandem Warheads have a dual HEAT warhead for defeating vehicles equipped with explosive reactive armour (ERA). The first warhead detonates the reactive armour block prematurely and the second warhead passes through the gap to hit the exposed armour underneath. A Tandem Warhead HEAT weapon is unaffected by ERA armour. The tank rolls its Armour Save based on its normal armour rating, not that of the ERA.
No Assault rule means infantry teams with Eryx missile weapons cannot be used To Hit Side armour in Assaults, but instead have Anti-tank 2, Firepower 1+ and hit Top armour in Assaults. They can be still used to conduct Defensive Fire as normal.
If you are building infantry platoons for these nations from scratch, you will find the Eryx missile teams are in the Infantry blister packs for their respective nation.
For players with existing armies, you can purchase the individual teams direct from Battlefront.

NATO - New Missiles

NATO - New Missiles

TCSO01 Eryx Team (x4 figures) (Direct Only)
Includes one C1 Rifle Team with Eryx Missile Anti-tank Team and one medium four-hole base for $7.00

TFSO01 Eryx Team (x2 figures) (Direct Only)
Includes one Eryx Missile Team and one small two-hole base for $3.50 

On to the rest of the new next-gen missiles now. The new versions of the missiles increase the AT to give them more oomph to counter the increased armour from newer generation MBTs. As well as units in the NATO book getting upgrades, the book itself includes a couple of pages near the back, which shows how and where to include the new upgraded missiles for units in the previous British, American, and West German books (including additional points cost).

Starting with the Milan 2, this infantry AT missile gets two upgrades. AT21 gets upgraded to AT24 and gains Thermal Imaging. In the NATO book, the French, ANZAC, and Belgian units have access to the Milan 2. The West Germans and British can also access the Milan 2:




AMX-10P Section de Chasseurs
VAB Section D’Infanterie
Milan Section Antichar
VBL Groupe de Antichar Milan

Milan Anti-Tank Section

AIFV-B Infanterie Peleton
M113 Infanterie Peleton
Milan Antitank Peleton

West German


Marder 2 Panzergrenadier Zug
Marder Panzergrenadier Zug
M113 Panzergrenadier Zug
Fuchs Panzergrenadier Zug
Fallschirmjager Zug
Gebirgsjager Zug
Jager Zug

Warrior Mechanised Platoon
Warrior Milan Section
FV432 Mechanised Platoon
FV432 Milan Section
Lynx Airmobile Platoon
Lynx Milan Platoon
Warrior Anti-tank Section
Spartan MCT Mobile Milan Section

Next up is the Dragon 2. This missile gets one upgrade which is the increase from AT18 to AT21. In the NATO book the Dutch are the only nation to use Dragon missiles, but the Americans can also upgrade to Dragon 2:



YPR-765 Pantserinfanterie Peleton

M2 Bradley Mech Platoon
M113 Mech Platoon
UH-1 Huey Rifle Platoon
Light Motor Infantry Platoon
2nd Marine Division Rifle Platoon

Finally, the HOT 2 missile. It also only has one upgrade which is increasing from AT23 to AT24. In the NATO book the French are the only nation to use HOT 2, but the West Germans can also upgrade two units to HOT 2 as well.


West German

VAB Mephisto Peleton Antichar
Gazelle HOT Patrouille D’Helicopteres Antichar

Jaguar 1 Jagdpanzer Zug
PAH Anti-tank Helicopter Flight

There you have it. A quick guide to the new and upgraded missiles in this release which also retrofits existing armies released previously.

~ John

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