Tornado Assembly (TGBX15)

Tornado Assembly (TGBX15)

How to assemble your Tornado Aircraft.

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Assembling The Plastic Tornado

Step 1. Start by placing the wings on the top fuselage piece. Do not glue this step if you wish to have the wings move.

Step 2. Carefully glue the two fuselage pieces together making sure not to get any of the movable wings
Tornado Assembly (TGBX15) Tornado Assembly (TGBX15)

Step 3. Attach the wheel covers the underneath of the main fuselage.

Step 4. Now glue the rudder, cockpit canopy and engine intakes to the main fuselage.

Tornado Assembly (TGBX15) Tornado Assembly (TGBX15)
Step 5. Attach the elevators and the two engines to the rear of the fuselage.
Step 6. Attach the Resin Bomblet dispenser to the main fuselage. Then attack the Flight Stand Socket to the bottom of the Resin Bomblet dispencer.
Tornado Assembly (TGBX15) Tornado Assembly (TGBX15)

Below: The fully assembled Tornado aircraft.

Tornado Assembly (TGBX15)

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