World War III: British Scenarios

Iron Maiden
Iron Maiden Scenarios
 World War III: British includes two scenarios on pages 54-61 to test your skills:
Iron Maiden Scenarios Iron Maiden Scenarios
Covering Force The Defence of Shellerten
When the war broke out, A Squadron of the 1st Queen’s Dragoon Guards was tasked with delaying the Soviet advance on Schellerten along the Midland Canal while the rest of the division deployed to its wartime positions. The covering force has done its job and it’s time for the main event. The leading elements of the Death or Glory Boys are in position to defend the outskirts of Shellerten. The Soviet main body needs to break through their position before they can be reinforced to stop them.

After you have played the Covering Force and Defence of Shellerten scenarios, you can play a third scenario covering the defence of the Bridge at Heinde, and even combine the three scenarios into a mini-campaign.
Iron Maiden Scenarios The Bridge at Heinde
18:00 hours, Wednesday 7 August

While Major Leslie’s C Squadron was fighting for its life at Schellerten, another, possibly more dangerous threat was developing behind them.

The Innerste River ran across their line of retreat. If things went sour, the bridges at Heinde would be an essential escape route. If they went well, they would be equally essential for the ‘loggies’, the logistics boys, bringing up the fuel and ammunition they’d desperately need after a hard fight.

When an assault landing by a Soviet air assault battalion took the bridges at 18:00 hours, cutting off the British force, there was little available to retake them.

Iron Maiden Scenarios Iron Maiden Scenarios
A Bridge Too Far? Call Sign Charlie

Meanwhile, behind the battlefield, a Soviet airborne battalion has siezed the bridge over the Heinde River, cutting the British line of retreat, and potentially allowing the Soviet forward detachment to avoid a difficult river crossing.

The preceeding three scenarios can also be played as one big
game on a large table. If you have enough players, you can
have three players per side (with an overall general on each
side if you have even more players). Each pair of players
would take the forces listed for one of the scenarios and be
largely responsible for one of the three sub battles in the
overall battle.

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