Quick Missions for Team Yankee

More Missions for Team Yankee

Quick Missions for Team Yankee
With the Firestorm Campaign running we have been playing a lot of lunch time games here in the Studio. To get a result in a limited amount of time we have been trying out games with smaller armies. We then thought "let's make some themed missions related to the campaign designed for these smaller armies."

The pack contains six missions: • Annihilation • Bypass • Free for All • Gauntlet • Recon in Force • Sieze the Bridge.

Each mission now has a double page telling you how to play the mission and detailing the mission special rules. You can either print each mission out on a single piece of paper (front and back) or print it as a booklet with each mission on facing pages.


Team Yankee More Missions


Team Yankee - Quick Missions.pdf (1MB)...