Red Thunder Scenarios

Red Thunder
Red Thunder Scenarios
 Red Thunder includes three scenarios on pages 44-51 to test your skills:
Red Thunder Scenarios Red Thunder Scenarios
Attack Through Scharmbeckstotel Ambush At Schonebeck
Major Yuri Volkov’s T-64 Battalion leads a Forward Detachment operating ahead of his regiment, the 286th Guards Motor Rifle Regiment. After a probe further south is stalled, the attack is renewed towards the village of Scharmbeckstotel where reconnaissance reveals the defence is lighter. They have crossed the Hamme River and are preparing to attack. On the morning of 9 August Volkov’s forward detachment began their attack into Bremen’s northern suburb of Bremen-Vegesack. They took advantage of a green belt running through Schönebeck on the eastern edge of Bremen-Vegesack to avoid the suburban streets and to get as quickly as possible to the banks of the Weser River.
Red Thunder Scenarios
Autobahn Firefight
Soon after clearing the ambush at Schönebeck one of major Volkov’s T-64 Tank companies under command of Captain Ulanov worked around the wood and up on to the Autobahn south of the ambush position. There objective was to clear the area of enemy flanking units. The Autobahn was four lanes wide allowing an unobstructed view to the northwest of about 900 metres.

After you have played the Attack Through Scharmbeckstotel, Ambush At Schonebeck and Autobahn Firefight scenarios, you can play a fourth scenario covering the Counterattack on Volkov's Battalion, and even combine the four scenarios into a mini-campaign.
Red Thunder Scenarios

Counter Attack on Volkov's Battalion
Written by Mitchell Landrum 
Major Yuri Volkov’s T-64 Battalion leads a Forward Detachment operating ahead of his regiment, the 286th Guards  Motor Rifle Regiment. A West German force has caught the Volkov's Soviets with their pants down, taking a break after some hard days fighting. The Soviets must beat back the counterattack.

Red Thunder Scenarios
“Victory sure is sweet Comrade.” Captain Lermontov said to the Major. They were taking moment to rest as dusk fell upon them. The tank crews were taking their time to play cards, take a smoke, and rest. After many days of hard fighting, the men were spent of their energy. All of a sudden, Major Volkov’s radio crackled to life.

“Attention Red Wolf, attention Red Wolf”


“Enemy aircraft inbound, friendly support is on the way.”

As the transmission ended, a pair of Tornados came flying over the treeline.

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