News From Firestorm Red Thunder

 Firestorm Red Thunder

When Firestorm: Red Thunder was happening we made newspaper stories and headlines so that people could see how events in the world were unfolding as the battle raged. We've put them here so that you can read up on the events of Firestorm: Red Thunder

Russians Invade Western Europe
The Daily Telegraph
4 August 1985:

American and European Allies go to war to defend freedom from communist oppression.

News From Firestorm Red Thunder

News From Firestorm Red Thunder

Brits Reinforce Amsterdam
The Daily Telegraph
7 August:

The Soviet Stavka has released a second schelon tank army from the Western Front reserve to force a breakthrough at Bremen. As a result, Warsaw Pact Forces have crossed the Netherlands border and are dashing for Amsterdam.

The British Army has managed to scrape together a second corps, mainly from Territorial Army troops and older reservists recalled to the colours.

Troops from all over the Commonwealth have come together as part of this force with a battalion flown over from Canada and another Gurkhas recently out of Hong Kong joining an Australian and New Zealand force that been conducting exersises with the British Army.

Our Boys Fighting For Europe
The Daily Telegraph
10 August:

SACEUR (Supreme Allied Commander Europe) has Announced that the US III Corps has begun a major counterattack. Supported by West German Troops, the American force has punched through the Polish and Czech forces facing them quite Hof Corridor sector. US spearheads are reported to be deep into East Germany, possibly approaching Leipzig.

News From Firestorm Red Thunder

This attack seems to have caught the Warsaw Pact forces by surprise, as the reaction so far has been limited to some uncoordinated local counterattacks.

Meanwhile Warsaw Pact Forces have achieved total surprise with an attack southwards from Bremen. This attack threatens to capture West Germany's war production heartland and to surround the British Army of the Rhine defending Hanover.

News From Firestorm Red Thunder

Reds Recall Senior Officers
The Daily Telegraph
11 August:

Intelligence sources have released information that a number of senior Soviet commanders have been recalled to Moscow. Whether this is for a conference to discuss restarting the stalled offensive in Germany, or if this signals wholesale changes in the command structure is still unclear.

What is certain is that the Politburo is unhappy that the predicted short and victorious war has begun to draw out with victory further away than it was a week ago.

Recent press releases from Nato are proclaiming a turning point in the war in Europe with Soviet offensives blunted and their own attack towards Berlin progressing well.

New Thrust Surprises NATO
The Daily Telegraph
12 August:

In a surprise attack, the Soviet high command launched renewed thrusts on the Ruhr and Frankfurt in an effort to encircle the British Army on the Rhine (BAOR). NATO forces are fighting tooth and nail to maintain a corridor through Kassel to the embattled British force.

News From Firestorm Red Thunder

Heavy fighting on the Leipzig - Berlin axis is wearning down the Warsaw Pact forces, but NATO is making very little headway in its offensive.

On the flanks, NATO forces are making significant headway. It appears that the Soviet high command has withdrawn most of their first-rate formations from Amsterdam in the north and Niederbayern in the south, allowing British and German forces to regain much of the ground lost in the intial offensive.

News From Firestorm Red Thunder

The World Take a Breath
The Daily Telegraph
14 August:

The first phase of the Third World War may be comming to a close as both sides appear to be too exhausted to maintain offensive operations.

24-hour-a-day combat and a high operational tempo seems to have taken its toll. Reports are coming in that front-line troops of both the Warsaw Pact and Nato are running out of the fuel and ammunition that they need to continue offensive operations.

There is expected to be a delay before offensive operations resume while both sides bring forward reinforcements and restock essential combat supplies, hindered by destroyed bridges, cratered raods, and a variety of air-dropped ordnance.

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Firestorm: Stripes is the the second installment in our on-going campaign for Team Yankee that sees NATO and Warsaw Pact players fighting out the opening days of the Battle for Germany in August 1985.

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