British Formation Diagram

British Formation Diagram

As the first book in the new WWIII: Team Yankee release, the British Army is the example force in the WWIII: Team Yankee Rulebook. So with WWIII: Team Yankee released in only two weeks, we’re sharing the British organisation chart from the upcoming Rule Books so you can get an idea of what to look forward to when WWIII: British arrives in February 2020.

Brit logo

As you’ll see, picking your force in WWIII: Team Yankee is now consistent with how you might put together a force for Flames Of War. Players have the option to field from a selection of seven Formations by either fielding a single Formation or a combination of Formations designed to back one another up and work in concert. With a wide variety of support options including Allied Support Formations, Inter-Divisional Support, and an extensive british Army Support pool, players putting together a Force out of WWIII: British with have more than enough options to field a Force that fits their play style or represents the particular real-world force they want to bring to the tabletop. 

British Org Chart

A great place to start when fielding a WWIII: Team Yankee force is with one of the Army Deals. These are a great value way to pick up the core of a force, and each Army Deal matches to a particular book release and is used to field a typical force from that book. We've put together an example WWIII: British force using the British Army Deal and the WWIII: British book, both of which are out February 2020.
Army Deal Force