NukeCon 2020

NukeCon 2020 NukeCon 2020
with Greg Lockton

It's certainly been a while since we were able to run a tournament here in New Zealand and especially in Auckland as a result of the most recent restrictions from Covid but this weekend past saw the inaugural running of our  new dedicated Team Yankee tournament, NukeCon!

Usually part of the bigger FlamesCon tournament, this year we decided to split the events to allow players the opportunity to participate in both systems if they wanted to. The event was a 5 round, 75 point list affair with a variety of nations being represented. We made use of the fantastic facilities at Mighty Ape and, owing to the smaller number of players and the need to operate in as much of a socially distanced environment as possible, each table was set up in its very own air conditioned room! Hows that for service!

NukeCon 2020

NukeCon 2020

The moment of the tournament for me (that I witnessed) was Wayne's platoon of Leopard 1's taking out Ryan's platoon of Leopard 2's even though one of them had front armour facing to the Leo 1's...

There were some great games played and very close results as well. The 75 point lists meant that most games reached a result without the need for stalling out and a lot of big tanks on display as well.

Once the gunfire had settled though, there could only be one winner....

1st Place: Andrew Duncan - Mixed British and US

2nd Place: Alastair Jeffery - ANZAC

3rd Place: Ian Burgos - West German

Best Sport: Phil Yates - British

Best Painted: Phil Petry - British

The Spoon: Ray O'Connor - Soviet

Massive thanks to all the players for turning out and having such a fantastic time and also to Dave from Mighty Ape for hosting us.

NukeCon 2020

NukeCon 2020