2022 Team Yankee Challenge Tournament

The Team Yankee Challenge Tournament Pack (TOURN02) contains everything you need to run a simple “ladder” tournament where players challenge each other to move up through the levels of the ladder to become the reigning store champion.
It requires very little in the way of organizational oversight as players challenge each other and, if the challenger wins, they take the position of the loser, moving one step closer to the top. The simple system generally rewards players that make the most challenges, resulting in a busy and vibrant gaming night.

Challenge Contents
What Is In The Pack?
  • 1x Organizers Instructions
  • 1x Players Information
  • 1x Printed acrylic Challenge Board – this can be mounted to a wall and is where the challenger's “Dog-Tags” are mounted.
  • 21x Challengers Dog-Tags – write your player's names on these and attach them to the board.
  • 21x sets of self-adhesive “hook and loop” – stick the hook side to the marked spots on your Challenge Board, and the loop sides to the rear of your Dog-Tags.
  • 4x Certificates – 1 for Colonel (1st Overall), 2 for Captain (2nd Overall), and should a player reach the top and then reset their progress there is the General certificate.

Grab a copy for your gaming group.