Historicon 2024: World War III: Team Yankee

Historicon 2024: World War III: Team Yankee

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Historicon 2024 World War III: Team Yankee Tournament.

Dates: Thursday, July 18th Lancaster PA.

Tournament Format: V2 Team Yankee, 95 points. Straight Swiss format using best coast pairings, 3 rounds over 1 day 2.5 hours per round. No stance requirement.  2 Formation limit per player.

Players will use the extended Battleplans packet. Players will select the mission using the instructions from the mission packet. If either player had played the selected mission in the previous round, then the result must be re-rolled until a different mission is chosen. 

Adepticon 2022: Flames Of War & World War III: Team Yankee

Player Limit: 48

Players should register on the Historicon website https://www.hmgs.org/mpage/HCReg

Registration and tournament fees go to the Historical Miniatures Gaming Society. Battlefront is not collecting a fee for the tournament. 

All lists must be sent to the following email: [email protected]

Players should provide the following information

  • Player’s full name
  • Player’s email address
  • Player’s cell phone number- used for emergency contact
  • Player’s city and state - used for pairings
  • Club name and/or local store name- used for pairings
  • Army list being used (For example: M1 Abrams Armored Combat Team ). The formation with the most points in the player’s list will be used for pairings.
  • Book(s) (For example: Team Yankee American), if players are using multiple books all books must be brought.
  • Players can use the following books: TY British, TY American, TY Soviet, TY West German, TY Warsaw Pact, Red Dawn, TY Nordic Forces, TY NATO Forces, Oil Wars.

List Submission Deadline: July 5th. Players are encouraged to turn their lists in early. Players should receive an email that their list is received and legal, if this is not received within a week from submission, players should resend their list. If a list needs to be edited it must be done by July 10th. If a list is found to be illegal at the event the illegal part of the list must be removed from play immediately and no substitutions are allowed.



Thursday July 18th.

08:00 - 9:00 Check-in Briefing

Players should try to arrive by 8:30am. Players should make sure they get a prompt packet and score sheet from their T.O. as well as have their army looked over. If a player is running late they should contact the TO so they can be paired when they arrive. 

Additional time will be provided between rounds for deployment. Players should be at the hall 15 minutes before the start of each round to be prepared to play.

9:00-11:30 Round 1, at the end of the round leave your armies out for paint judging, this is done by the players.

11:30 - 1:30 Lunch. Players should return around 1:15 to start deployment.

1:30 - 4:00 Round 2.

4:00 - 6:30 Round 3.

7:00 Awards.



All armies must be fully painted. Any miniatures not fully painted will be pulled from the table prior to starting the tournament. Fully painted is defined as the model is painted in a non-black/gray/white primer color, and a base coat has been applied to all visible parts of the model (vehicle hull, uniform, exposed skin, tracks and wheels, etc.) Models that are normally based (i.e. infantry and gun teams) must be based with grit/flock or other material.  Players should make sure their armies are checked before play starts. No proxy models are allowed (proxy is defined as a model standing in for another model i.e. a T-55 standing in for a T-80, or an Leopard 2 standing in for a Leopard 2A5).  Any proxy models will be removed and will affect gameplay (i.e., a two-model unit that has a proxy removed will have to take last stand checks). 3D printed models are allowed but must be indicated to the TO. Armies with 3D printed models cannot place overall, 2nd, 3rd, or win best painted. Players should make sure armies are properly constructed by the time the tournament starts. If players have any questions about their models they should contact [email protected] before July 5th.

Rounds will be determined by the swiss system, come ready to play all armies. Best Coast Pairings will be used for the event. Players should download this app and have it ready to use https://www.bestcoastpairings.com/ . Initial pairings will use player origin and store (state, city, store/club) and alliance (NATO/Warsaw Pact). Subsequent round pairings will be determined by wins, victory points, strength of schedule.

If there is an odd number of players, that player can choose to take a bye, if so that player gets an 8-1. A ringer is a player that participates to fill in for an odd number of participants but is not eligible to win overall, second, or third place.

Players must bring at least 3 physical copies of their list, one for themselves, one for the TO, and one to show their opponents.

Players should record on the left side of their score sheet the table they play on. Ideally no player will play on the same table twice. No player will play the same opponent twice.

Players are responsible for monitoring the time and the judges will announce time intervals throughout the tournament. A time clock will be provided to track time remaining in the round. A true act of sportsmanship is not starting a new turn if both players will not be able to finish that turn. The game should be called if both players cannot finish their turns and the results should be calculated as a loss as according to the Flames of War rulebook.

Slow play is to be actively discouraged, repeated offenses may result in loss of points or forfeited matches. If you cannot play a game to completion due to size/compliment or familiarity with your army, you might want to revisit your choice. Most players should be able to complete their turns within 10-15 minutes.

When time is called the game must immediately finish the action with the unit they are on. New turns cannot be started even if starting a new turn would award an immediate victory or cause a player to make a company morale check. If players do not comply, the game will be scored a 1-1 regardless of the actual game score.

Painting Competition: Any players in the tournament that wish their armies to be considered for the best-painted award will stage them at the lunch break in the tournament area with a nameplate on the display. All models in the army must be from Battlefront Miniatures, armies with proxy or 3D-printed models are disqualified. A display board is not judged but is useful for moving your army. Paint judging will be done by fellow players.

Unit histories are not necessary but encouraged.

Army lists must be submitted to [email protected]. You are encouraged to use Forces of War (https://forces.team-yankee.com/) to submit your list.



Pairing breakdown will be based first on the number of wins, then victory points, then strength of schedule. Strength of schedule is if two or more players are still tied after wins and victory points, then it will be checked to see if the two players played each other, the winner of that game will have a higher position.

The scoring breakdown at the end of the tournament will be: The number of wins, victory points, strength of schedule.

Awards: Here is a list of the awards that will be presented, each award winner will receive a plaque and credit they can use at the Battlefront booth at Historicon. All players will receive the 2024 Team Yankee tournament objective:

  • Overall Winners
  • 2nd Place
  • 3rd Place
  • Best Sportsman
  • Best Painted

Overall, 2nd and 3rd are based upon gameplay (wins, victory points, strength of schedule).

Best sport is chosen by the player vote. At the end of the tournament, players will vote on their favorite opponent. Players will circle their favorite opponent on their score sheet. The player with the most votes will get the award. In the case of the tie, the tied player with the most painting votes will get the award. In the case of a further tie it will be broken by their gameplay score.

Best painted will be chosen by player vote. At the end of the tournament players will vote on what they consider the best painted army. Players cannot choose their own army. The player with the most votes will get the award. In the case of a tie, the tied player with the most sportsmanship will get the award. In the case of a further tie it will be broken by their gameplay score. 

Any additional questions should be directed to [email protected]. Be sure to check the Team Yankee home page for links and more information.