French Painting Templates

French Painting Templates

French Painting Templates
With Chris Townley

The French Army in Team Yankee is fully committed to their NATO allies with the 3e Division Blindée and 5e Division Blindée holding the line between the US 7th Corps and West German 2. Korps.

As a visual representation of this commitment, as well as making the models look more interesting, Aaron chose to paint the Armée de Terre in the French version of the NATO 3 colour camo scheme, more commonly seen in the 1990s rather than the traditional Army Green.

French Painting Templates

French Army Green
From the early 1950s through to the 1990s the French Army painted their vehicles "Army Green", also known as Vert IR (Infra-Red) OTAN. This colour, depending on the condition and age of the paint job was similar to the the World War II US Olive Drab and Sherman Drab/Cobra Drab from the Colours Of War/Team Yankee paint range would be a good place to start. Alternatively, you can look at a 'greener' OD colour and choose Soviet Green, depending on personal preference.

French Army Green is a great option if you want to paint your army in the "historical" colours of the 1980's, rather than the more unique NATO 3 Colour scheme that we have chosen to paint our models.

French NATO 3 Colour
Beginning in the 1990s the French Army began to paint their vehicles in a three-tone French Central European camouflage that mixes NATO Brown, NATO Black and the French Army version of NATO Green. Whilst NATO paint colours are specified at an organisational level, the paints themselves are made locally in each country which has led to some regional differences. For example, the West German Green can be fairly dark, whilst the French Green has been described as "Green Meadow". This can lead to French vehicles having a brighter and arguably more interesting look than some of their NATO counterparts.

Want to know more about NATO 3 Colour Schemes? Check out Aaron's article about the West German Painting Templates...

French Sand Colour
If your French Army is looking to be deployed outside of Europe you can always look at painting them desert sand with NATO Brown stripes. This pattern was used by Division Daguet in Operation Desert Storm in 1991.

The Templates


Here you can find PDF versions of our painting templates. Morgan has taken photographs of our models and then then scaled them so you can print them and have them sitting next to your model while you paint.

Make sure you tell your PDF viewer to print them at actual size and not shrink to fit

French Painting Templates French Painting Templates
AMX-30 Template AUF1 Template
French Painting Templates French Painting Templates
AMX-10P Template VAB BlindeTemplate
French Painting Templates French Painting Templates 
Mephisto Template AMX-10RC Template 
French Painting Templates French Painting Templates
Roland Template AMX-13 Template
French Painting Templates French Painting Templates 
Gazelle Template Mirage Template 
Download a PDF of all the Templates here
With these three different paint schemes there are some great options to paint your army and have it look striking on the tabletop.

Happy modelling!

~ Chris.