Oil War! Painting Iraqi Armour

Oil War cover

Oil War!: Painting Iraqi Armour
with Dave Danner

The core of the Iraqi armor in the list are T-72s, so I decided to start with them. Page 100 in the Oil War book has a simple painting guide for Iraqi vehicles, showing a pale sand color with green camouflage applied over top. Since the T-72s are from the Republican Guard, this will fit them fine.

Let’s get painting!

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Step 1: Assemble the T-72 model following the Battlefront Assembly Guide. The only things I did different was to 1) leave the side skirt armor off the model (I decide not to use them because many photographs from the war show them removed) and 2) leave the treads off the model to make painting easier.

Right Side Image: A base coated T-72


Step 2: Prime the vehicle with Camo Sand spray paint. It was the best color I could find at the local hardware store and is made to adhere to plastic and provides a nice matte finish.


Step 3: Paint the green camo pattern onto the tank using watered down Reflective Green paint. The pattern is up to you. Also paint the road wheels green where the camo pattern would extend down the sides.

Left Side Image: The green camo pattern on the tank.

Step 4: Paint the remaining sand color areas with Iraqi Sand. Allow the original Sand color to show in the cracks and crevices.

Right side image: Iraqi sand painted into the sand color areas



Step 5: Apply a wash of Agrax Earthshade to the road wheels.

Left side image: The tracks of a T72 washed with Agrax Earthshade

Step 6: Apply an edge highlight to all of the raised surfaces of the green camo using a 2:1 mix of Reflective Green and Deck Tan. Apply the same edge highlight to the Sand colored areas using a 1:1 mix of Iraqi Sand and Deck Tan. This will help make the details “pop” on the vehicle.

Step 7: Paint the rubber edges of the wheels, the tank treads, and the commander’s machine gun using Black Grey. These items are all highlighted using London Grey. The tank treads and wheels are then given a light drybrush of Iraqi Sand to simulate dust. You can see this in the right side image.



Step 8: Paint the unit marker on the barrel using Iyanden Darksun. Apply a wash of Agrax Earthsade on either side to define the edges.

Left side image: You can now see the unit marker on the barrel.

Step 9: Paint the main gun cover Khaki Grey. Apply a wash of Agrax Earthshade over top. Once dry, highlight it using Khaki Grey, leaving some of the wash showing through in the recesses.
Step 10: Paint all of the viewing blocks Imperial Blue and add a highlight of Magic Blue.

Step 11: Battlefront offers an Iraqi Decal Set (TIQ951) if you want to decorate your vehicles.

Step 12: Clear coat your model using whichever sealer you like. This will protect you model from wear and tear.

With this the T72 is now completed.

Right side image: The fully painted T72.