Oil Tanks (BB190)

Battlefield in a Box

Oil Tanks (BB190)
includes two pre-painted resin Oil Tanks.

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Oil Tank (BB190)
Scenery plays a vital part in any miniature wargame. The Battlefield in a Box range of tabletop ready scenery is a quick and easy way to create a wargaming table straight out of the box, suitable for any scale miniature troops to fight over.
Oil Tank (BB190)

Above-ground cylindrical fuel storage tanks are a common sight in industrial areas throughout the modern world. They are an easy way to add areas of tactical cover, while also adding an instant modern look to your existing battlefield.

Oil Tanks x2 (each storage tank is 3"/7.5cm long and 4"/10cm wide)
Oil Tank (BB190) Oil Tank (BB190)
Oil Tanks (BB190)
Factory Building (BB192)

Creating an Industrial Zone

The Oil Tanks can combine with the Factory Building and the Concrete Walls set to make a factory complex or oil refinery. 

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Oil Tanks (BB190)

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