Gordon’s Gordon Highlanders

Iron Maiden

Gordon starts work on a Lynx


Iron Maiden

Gordon’s Iron Maiden British Gordon Highlanders
(hes Scottish don't you know!)

Part 1: 8 October 2016

The Gordon Highlanders are an Air Mobile Company featured in Iron Maiden. A new concept and only found in modern era wargames, helicopter born troops play in their own unique way. Often expected to take on bad odds without much in the way of support, the Lynx Airmobile Company has some iron hard men to get the job done. “As long as there is but a hundred of us left sweeping doon from the skies we will fight on!”

Each platoon has 4 GPMG teams with 66mm anti-tank rockets, 3 Milan missile teams and a mortar team, for a total of 8 stands. Even better you can take a dedicated Milan platoon with a whopping 8 Milan missile teams for the ultimate in infantry anti-tank firepower! Divisional command must really like us!

-The HQ is one stand armed with the standard SLR rifles and 2 GPMG SF teams for a total of 3 points.
-Next I have two full Lynx Airmobile Platoons worth 7 points each for a total of 14 (and 6 Lynx)
-The 8 stand Lynx Milan Platoon is 11 points (3 Lynx)
-That’s the full allotment for the company totalling at 28 points.

Lynx Airmobile Company HQ
1x SLR rifle team
2x GPMG SF teams

3 points 
2x Lynx Airmobile Platoon (each)
4x GPMG team with 66mm anti-tank
3x Milan missile teams
1x 2" mortar team
3x Lynx

14 points
Lynx Milan Platoon
8x Milan missile teams
3x Lynx

11 points
Total 28 points
Chieftain Armoured Troop
3x Chieftain

18 points
Scimitar Recce Troops
4x Scimitar

4 points

Spartan Blowpip SAM Section
4x Spartan (Blowpipe)

6 points
Tracked Rapier SAM Section
2x Tracked Rapier

  3 points
Harrier Close Air Support Flight
4x Harrier

10 points
TOW Lynx HELARM Flight
2x TOW Lynx
6 points
Total 47 points

All up the army will be 75 points. Lot of anti-tank and anti-air should keep me covered against the bulk of the soviets forces but I may find it hard to take on a substantial infantry push.

The Spartan Blowpipes will rush forward to support the air mobile companies with anti-air while the Chieftains, scimitars and Rapiers hold the flank using their long range to slow the soviets. 

Strong Harrier and Tow Lynx air support will provide dependable firepower were it is most needed.

Iron Maiden

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