Blair's BMP Motor Rifle Battalion

 Blair's Motor Rifle Battalion Blair's Motor Rifle Battalion
With Blair Mackey

So, after having a quick look at the Iron Maiden army book – and even more importantly, the lists – I realized I would need to alter my existing Soviet army to deal with these pesky Brits. With the versatility in the Iron Maiden book, I wanted to maximize the number of units and therefore shots against the armies I would soon be facing.

I’ve heard tales of this fabled Soviet force consisting mostly of motor riffle companies with a few support pieces.  So i sat down and crunched some numbers, came up with the army list based on the motor riffle battalion and sequestered myself to my man cave for a few evenings to get this all painted and ready for battle.

Here’s my first 50 points:

BMP Motor Rifle Battalion HQ
1 x AK-74 team
1 x BMP-1


1 point 
BMP-1 Motor Rifle Company
10 x AK-74 teams
9 x RPG-7 teams
2 x PKM LMG teams
12 x BMP-1s



19 points 

BMP-2  Motor Rifle Company
10 x AK-74 teams
9 x RPG-7 teams
2 x PKM LMG teams
12 x BMP-2s



24 points 

SA-13 Gopher Sam Platoon
2 x SA-13 Gopher Sam Platoon

2 points

BMP-1 Recon Platoon
4 x BMP-1

 4 points 
 Total 50 points 
Blair's Motor Rifle Battalion
Blair's Motor Rifle Battalion Blair's Motor Rifle Battalion

Although a little labour intensive to get on the battlefield, for a mere 50 points I am getting 17 BMP-1s in my battalion and 12 BMP-2s. With these I can deal with the Air Mobile and Helarm element using their anti-helicopter ability. On top of that, between the Sagger and Spandrel missiles on my BMPs, my force’s ability to knock out Chieftains with their front armour of 17 is pretty good.  My two token Gophers are added just to give me something that can also deal with the Harriers when they arrive. Oh and I almost forgot about the infantry. 43 teams with 18 RPG-7’s (good thing they’re only 12” range), 20 Ak-74s and 4 PKM LMGs.

I plan to test this army out this weekend and see if the Gophers are a good choice or if I should hide my AA element in all that infantry in the form of the Gremlin AA missile teams. Either way, I like my chances.

~ Blair.

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