Why Germans In The Desert Are Great

Why Germans In The Desert Are Great Why Germans In The Desert Are Great
with Adam Simunovich & Anders Johansson

My name is Adam and for the Desert War, I will be putting together my first Mid War army, a German, predominately Panzer III force.  My partner in the series is Anders, and together we will be leading the Germans to victory in the desert!

Anders is a Customer Services Representative here at Battlefront and has been playing Flames Of War since first edition. Participating in many tournaments over the years he is a veteran player of many games and as well as armies. As for myself, I’ll be playing Mid War for the first time. We talked about why we chose the Germans, what we are taking and some of the things we like most in the new Afrika Korps book and the models available this weekend.

Adam: Are we the baddies?

Anders: Not really, in the desert, we behaved impeccably plus our commander Rommel is a very decent chap indeed!

Adam: That’s good; I was worried there for a minute. So why did you choose the Germans for the up and coming Desert War?

Anders: I have done a lot in 12 years of Flames Of War gaming but I haven’t done a DAK Panzer force so it was about time. It’s an iconic World War II force and has some really cool tanks.

Adam: It’s all about the cool tanks. As the Germans, we do get a fantastic range of well-preforming tanks. From the light Panzer ll to the formidable Tiger tank, what kind of hardware are we taking into battle?

Why Germans In The Desert Are Great

Anders: Basically I’m taking Panzer IVs, we could create a mix of different tanks, but are keeping it simple for now. We can also bring a range of support options, such as the 8.8cm AA gun or Stuka dive bombers, but the Panzers dominate.

Adam: That’s the gear you get from the El Alamein starter set and Rommel’s Africa Korps army box. So why did you want to take Panzer lVs as the main part of your force?

Why Germans In The Desert Are Great

Anders: The Panzer IV was the workhorse of the German Army for the entire war so I’m glad to have them in my army. Touting a 7.5cm gun with solid armour it’s hard not to like them. With you taking a Panzer lll force that means we could trade our unused tanks with each other to make our forces larger as well!

Why Germans In The Desert Are Great

Adam: Okay then, as our top German general I am entrusting you with the bigger tanks. Well, that and the Panzer llls are just so damn good looking! They also come with many options for customisation, such as different armour and weapon choices but we will go further into that after lunch. Later today we will be tasked with assaulting the Alam el Halfa ridge and can expect British tanks as well as entrenched field guns to be waiting for us. So what are our tactics for wiping out those slovenly Brits up there?

Anders: We are better in all regards, well the Grant may be troublesome, but as long as we keep focused and don’t expose ourselves in the wrong places we should overcome them. They might have the numbers but we have the superior quality in men and machines. If supplies were a factor in Flames Of War we could be in trouble, but it isn’t, so we should be fine!

Adam: Great; we will blast straight through them. With only 100km/60 miles left to the capital and British command, victory is close. I’ll see you in Alexandria for a cold one!

Anders: The last one buys!

Why Germans In The Desert Are Great
The forces Adam and Anders will be taking are all made up from the El Alamein starter box and Rommel’s Afrika Korps army box, these will be available to purchase from the Flames Of War online store or your local retailer.

~ Adam and Anders.

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