HMMWV King of the Hill Competition - Part One

HMMWV King of the Hill Competition

HMMWV King of the Hill Competition - Part One
with Lonnie Mullins

The release of Stripes includes one of the most iconic vehicles of the US Army, the ubiquitous HMMWV. As the kit is so quick and simple to put together we decided to come up with a fun office challenge, were we each built one and then prepared to duke it out to see who would be “King of the Hill”.  With so many weapons options to choose, here is a breakdown of what we did:  

Lonnie – I put my HMMWV together in the M2 configuration ‘cause who doesn’t love the ma-duce and, since I’m the only one who doesn’t take a lunch break off facility, I painted mine up using a Desert scheme while listening to Tito and Tarantula on my phone.

Matt – put his together like it was an Ork vehicle from 40K.  Matt’s philosophy (on just about everything) is “More dakka is always better”.  So his HMMWV has an M2, TOW, AGL and an M60 GPMG.   

Tiffany – decided instead of the M2, she’d go the MK-19 route.  With the MK-19 40mm Grenade Launcher’s increased rate of fire, she was sure that she’d win the day and be crowned “Queen of the Hill”.

Dave – is old school and also went with the ma-duce.  Being an old army man he’s seen what kind of mayhem the M2 can do and wanted in on a piece of that action.

Brian – or ‘young Brian’ as he’s  sometimes known as in the office, is a tournament player of some note and based his choice of what to mount on his HMMWV on mathematics – ie. what design would work best against a similar opponent? His calculations led him to the M2 variant.

HMMWV King of the Hill Competition

The rules are pretty simple.  All players start on the table edges more than 20-inches apart and race towards a central hill, all the while shooting at each other.  The winner is the guy or gal who manages to get to the top of the hill and survive there, alone, for an entire turn.  Turn order is determined by die roll (highest moving last but shooting first, kind of like tanks) with ties being rerolled. All other stats are based on the HMMVW unit card.  Matt’s vehicle needed some different rules so we made his 2-inches slower than all of the rest (it’s overloaded) but with the ability to shoot any 1 mounted weapon per turn (within the weapon’s restrictions).

You should give these fun little rules a try in your local shop or club.  Perhaps you can swap out different vehicles or throw something else into the mix?  It’s up to you.  Just have fun with it.

How much for the tan one?

HMMWV King of the Hill Competition

Coming soon, the results of the USA King of the Hill Competition.  Who do you think will win?

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