Team Yankee FAQ Updates

Team Yankee FAQ Updates

Team Yankee FAQ Updates
With Phil Yates
Since we put up the latest copies of the Team Yankee Field Manual 101 and the 'Nam Our Man in Saigon FAQs on Friday, we've had a huge amount of feedback on Facebook.

We've read and pondered the arguments on all sides, debated much here, and run a few test games as well. In the end, we have made a few changes to Friday's versions and put up new ones to replace them.

The first issue was the use of Movement Orders by aircraft. On consideration, we were a bit too eager with the blanket ban. The changed FAQ now reads:

Can Strike Aircraft use Movement Orders?

No they cannot. None of them are useful to Strike Aircraft.

Can Helicopters use Movement Orders?

Yes they can. Helicopters can use the Blitz Move and Shoot and Scoot orders. No other Movement Orders have any benefit for Helicopters.

Team Yankee FAQ Updates

The second issue was the removal of the previous FAQ answer that permitted Helicopters to Land using a Blitz Move order. In this case, we have decided to retain this change. As we noted, allowing this created much confusion and many attempts to use this option when it was not legal. Removing it clarifies the situation, as well as being more consistent with the original intent of the rules. To make an air assault landing, you place the helicopter at the landing site on your turn, survive the enemy attempts to shoot up your helicopters as they land, and then dismount and fly away.

The third issue was the matter of allowing Anti-aircraft weapons to shoot at helicopter as they came in to land. On reflection, we have decided that this was not a good change and have deleted this change entirely.

The same amendments apply to the Our Man in Saigon FAQ, with the addition of two more 'Nam specific items: The US M113 transport and the ANZAC M113 Cavalry Patrol have their Counterattack and Assault ratings corrected to 4+.

Thanks to all the players who have taken an active part in the development of the game through the Facebook page.

~Phil and the Battlefront Team

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