Looking Forward to Team Yankee 2

Looking Forward To Team Yankee 2

Looking Forward to Team Yankee 2

Wayne is working away furiously on the updated WWIII:Team Yankee rulebook as well as the first updated Army Book for British Forces in WWIII: Team Yankee. Since he’s so busy at the moment he doesn’t have the time to pop over and tell you all personally about the changes  coming to WWIII: Team Yankee, but he’s given me some very important information he’d like me to share with you all.

  1. No army books will become invalidated in the transition. You can carry on happily using your Volksarmee, Free Nations, or Stripes book, or any other Team Yankee book you might already own.

  2. Similarly, no Unit Cards or Unit entries in books will be invalidated.

  3. The upcoming Army Books will add new Formations, Units, and Vehicles to the existing armies, but you don’t need those new additions to carry on playing your current forces, but you will need the new book if you’re after some exciting new kit to add to your army…

  4. The four new books currently on the workbench will cover British, US, Soviet, and West German forces.

  5. The updated rulebook will bring WWIII: Team Yankee into line with Flames Of War V4, though of course all the special rules, abilities, and units that make WWIII: Team Yankee unique will still be there. Don’t expect you helicopters or missiles to be going anywhere any time soon.

Last Updated On Wednesday, May 29, 2019 by Luke at Battlefront