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NATO Forces


French Light Cavalry in World War III
With The Little General

One of the most exciting new options to arrive in the NATO book is that of the Escadron D’Eclairage or in English, Divisional Illumination Squadron. This nimble unit is equipped solely with the Panhard VBL light armoured car. Exported worldwide, the VBL commenced service in 1985 with the French Army as a pre-production run of 15 vehicles, with full operational service from 1990. Many a fine commander has struggled to maximise the troops under their command. With French Compagnie d’Infanterie, you have a pocket knife with a range of solutions that is practically a self-contained army...

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French Light Cavalry in World War III
2024 Tournament Points  

2024 North American Points and Locations

Tournaments provide an amazing opportunity to step outside of your regular playing meta, meet new players, see new armies, and perhaps learn a few new tricks. Every year Battlefront works with an amazing group of Tournament organisers across North America and to help people fine tune their lists for the coming season we set a points level to help keep players on their toes.

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Great War

Great War is coming back to shelves near you!
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Battlefront Events
Around the world, there are WWIII: Team Yankee events happening all the time. To help organisers and players alike we have our rolling Events Calendar. To have your event included just follow the link to our events page, register, and share your event details for all to see. 

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6th Annual Toys For Tots Toy Drive

We are pleased to announce the 2023 Toys for Tots Toy Drive.

Every year, The Marine Toys for Tots program sets out on a mission to bring the joy of Christmas and send the message of hope to America's less fortunate children. We are proud to once again support this worthy cause.

Toys for Tots

As in past years, Battlefront and Battle Rankings will hold a competition, in which stores will host a 1-day tournament, mega-battle or campaign with all participants going into a prize drawing.

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LVO 2024

LVO 2024 - West Coast Nationals
Friday 19 January
RIO Convention Center, Las Vegas

LVO 2024 will be hosting the WWIII: Team Yankee West Coast Nationals.

This will be a World War III: Team Yankee tournament of three rounds at 76 points, using the Version 2 rules. All armies MUST be fully painted. The tournament will be using the Extended Battle Plans method of generating missions from the Version 2 rulebook. All nations’ forces books that have been available to the public at the army list deadline are allowed.

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Adepticon 2024
Thursday 21 March
Schaumburg IL

The clock is ticking down! Make sure to get your travel, accommodation and armies sorted for Adepticon 2024!

WWIII: Team Yankee is back at Adepticon in 2024 with a 95-point tournament.

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Adepticon 2024: World War III: Team Yankee

Asia-Pacific Grand Championship 2024

NATO Forces
WWIII: NATO Forces Releases:
October 7th Releases October 21st Releases Cont...
WW3-09 - WWIII NATO Forces TCBX03 - Cougar Armoured Troop
WW3-09A - ANZAC Cards TCBX04 - Grizzly Transports
WW3-09B - Belgian Cards TCSO01 - Eryx Team
WW3-08D - Dutch Cards  
TAU241 - Australian M113 Upgrade Pack November 4th Releases
TBE702 - Infantry Platoon WW3-09F - French Cards
TDU705 - 120mm Mortar Platoon TFRAB02 - French Leclerc Tank Company Starter Force
TNBX03 - M113 Platoon TFBX10 - Leclerc Tank Platoon
TNASO01 - FN MAG Machine-guns  TFBX11 - VAB T20 Fire Support Section
  TFR120 - VBL Patrol
October 21st Releases TFR712 - Infantry Platoon
WW3-09C - Canadian Cards TFR714 - 120mm Mortar Platoon
TCA120 - Iltis Patrol TFR716 - Mistral SAM Group
TCA712 - Mechanised Platoon TFSO01 - Eryx Team
TCA714 - Airborne Weapons Group  
WWIII: Nordic Forces
WWIII: Nordic Forces Releases:
July 29th Releases August 26th Releases
WW3-08 - WWIII Nordic Forces WW3-08S - Swedish Cards
TNA950 - Decals TSWAB01 - S-Tank Company Starter Force
WW3-08D - Danish Cards TSWBX01 - Strv 103 S-tank Platoon
WW3-08F - Finnish Cards TSWBX02 - Centurion Platoon
TFI702 - Jääkäri Platoon TSWBX03 - Pbv 302 Platoon
TFI703 - Weapons Platoon TSW120 - Pvpjtgb 1111 Platoon
TFI704 - 81mm and 120mm Mortar Platoon TSW702 - Armoured Rifle Platoon
TFIBX01 - T-55 Marksman Platoon  
  September 9th Releases
August 12th Releases TSWBX04 - Ikv 91 Anti-tank Platoon
WW3-08N - Norwegian Cards TSWBX05 - Pvrbv 551 or Lvrbv 701 Platoon
TNO702 - M113 Storm Group TSWBX06 - Bandkanon 1 Howitzer Battery
TNOBX01 - NM135 or NM195 Platoon TSWBX07 - AJ 37 Viggen Attack Group
TNOBX02 - NM142 Anti-tank Troop TSWSO01 - S-tank Tracks
TNOBX03 - Feltvogn Recon Troop TSWSO02 - HKP 9 Missile Launchers

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