Motor Rifle Company (TSBX03)

Motor Rifle Company (TSBX03)

Designed by Matt Bickley & Evan Allen,
Painted by Aaron Mathie 

Motor Rifle Company (TSBX03)
Includes two PKM LMG teams, nine RPG-7 Anti-tank Teams, one SA-14 Germlin AA Missile Team, ten AK-74 Teams and one Formation Command Team.

A motor rifle company is an impressive and highly capable unit. It is mobile, amphibious, and carries its infantry force under armour onto the battlefield.

The company’s riflemen are armed with the AK-74 assault rifle (some mounting 40mm GP-25 grenade launchers), while each squad is also equipped with an RPK-74 squad automatic weapon, disposable RPG-18 anti-tank rockets, and the renowned RPG-7 anti-tank rocket launcher. 

The Motor Rifle Company (TSBX03) is no longer in production.

Motor Rifle Company (TSBX03)
The company is backed up by a platoon of six belt-fed PKM machine-guns, also mounted in BMPs. A squad of SA-14 Gremlin anti-aircraft missiles, known as Strela-3 (Arrow-3) to Soviet riflemen, mounted in another BMP is attached from the battalion’s air defence platoon.
Motor Rifle Company (TSBX03)
Motor Rifle Company (TSBX03)
AK-74 Assault Rifle Teams (with RPG-18 anti-tank weapons)
Motor Rifle Company (TSBX03) Motor Rifle Company (TSBX03)
Motor Rifle Company (TSBX03) Motor Rifle Company (TSBX03)
RPG-7 Anti-tank Teams
Motor Rifle Company (TSBX03) Motor Rifle Company (TSBX03) Motor Rifle Company (TSBX03)

Motor Rifle Company (TSBX03) Motor Rifle Company (TSBX03)
Motor Rifle Company (TSBX03) Motor Rifle Company (TSBX03)

SA-14 Gremlin AA Missile Teams
Motor Rifle Company (TSBX03) Motor Rifle Company (TSBX03)

Terrain Dash

Cross Country Dash

Road Dash
8"/20cm 8"/20cm 12"/30cm 12"/30cm Auto

Halted Moving

AK-74 assault rifle team
    or RPG-18 anti-tank weapon


Pinned ROF 1
HEAT, Slow Firing
RPG-7 anti-tank team 12"/30cm 1 1 17 4+ Assault 6, HEAT, Slow Firing
AK-74 assault rifle team


7 4 2 6 Assault 6, Heavy Weapon
SA-14 Gremlin AA missile team 48"/120cm 3 - - 5+ Assault 6, Guided AA,
Heavy Weapon

Motor Rifle Company Contents
Motor Rifle Company (TSBX03)
a. x1 SA-14 Commander with binoculars.
b. x1 SA-14 Standing firing.
c. x10 AK74 + RPG 18 kneeling.
d. x2 PKM gunner kneeling firing.
e. x2 Officer left arm waving.
f.  x2 Radioman.
g. x2 SA-14 gunner kneeling.
h. x2 AK74 Running.
i.  x3 NCO advancing waving arm.
j.  x4 AK74 running weapon forward.
k. x4 RPG gunner standing firing.
l.  x4 AK74 running left foot up.
m.x4 NCO kneeling with arm out.
n. x4 AK74 + GL advancing.

o. x4 RPK gunner walking.
p. x5 RPK gunner kneeling.
q. x5 RPG gunner kneeling.
r.  x5 NCO standing yelling.
s. x5 AK74 + GL kneeling firing.
t.  x6 AK74 + RPG18 standing firing.
u. x4 PK gunner prone firing.

Motor Rifle Company (TSBX03)
a. x9 two-hole small bases
b. x1 three-hole small bases
c. x10 four-hole medium bases
d. x3 six-hole large bases
e. x2 hole plugs

Unit Cards  
Motor Rifle Company (TSBX03) Motor Rifle Company (TSBX03)
Motor Rifle Company (TSBX03) Motor Rifle Company (TSBX03)

Assembling the Motor Rifle Company
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Motor Rifle Company (TSBX03)

SA-14 Gremlin AA Missile Team

a. x1 SA-14 Standing firing.
b. x2 SA-14 gunner kneeling.
c. x1 SA-14 Commander with binoculars.
d. x1 NCO advancing waving arm.
e. x1 AK74 + RPG18 standing firing.

Assembling SA-14 Gremlin AA Missile Team           

To assemble the SA-14 Germlin AA Missile Team simply put all of the figures shown to the left on a large six-hole base.


a. x2 NCO kneeling with arm out.
b. x2 AK74 + GL kneeling firing.
c. x2 AK74 running left foot up.        
d. x2 AK74 + RPG 18 kneeling.
e. x4 PK gunner prone firing.

f. x2 PK gunner kneeling firing.

Assembling PKM LMG Teams

The LMG Teams are also very easy to assemble. Split the NCO and Riflemen figures evenly (a, b, c and d) to go on two large six-hole bases. Plug in the remaining holes with the hole plugs and put x2 of (e)  and x1 of (f) onto each base.
Motor Rifle Company (TSBX03)
Motor Rifle Company (TSBX03) Formation Command

a. x1 Officer left arm waving.
b. x1 Radioman.
c. x1 
NCO standing yelling.

Assembling the Formation Command

To assemble the Formation Command simply arrange the figures on one of the small three-hole base with the Officer (a) at the front.

RPG-7 Anti-tank Teams
Motor Rifle Company (TSBX03)
a. x4 RPG gunner standing firing.
b. x5 RPG gunner kneeling.
c. x2 AK74 running weapon forward.
d. x1 AK74 Running.
e. x1 RPK gunner kneeling.
f.  x1 NCO kneeling with arm out.
g. x1 AK74 + RPG 18 kneeling.
h. x1 Radioman.
i.  x1 RPK gunner walking.
RPG-7 Anti-tank Teams Assembly
The RPG-7 Teams have an RPG gunner (a or b) on each of the small two-hole bases. Then fill in the holes with the rest of the figures.
AK-74 Assault Rifle Teams
Motor Rifle Company (TSBX03)
a. x7 AK74 + RPG 18 kneeling.
bx1 Officer left arm waving.
c. x1 AK74 Running.
d. x2 NCO advancing waving arm.
e.  x2 AK74 running weapon forward.
f. x2 AK74 running left foot up.
g. x1 NCO kneeling with arm out.
h.  x3 AK74 + GL advancing.
i.  x3 RPK gunner walking.
j.  x4 RPK gunner kneeling.
k.   x4 NCO standing yelling.
l. x3 AK74 + GL kneeling firing.
m.  x5 AK74 + RPG18 standing firing.
Assembling AK-74 Assault Rifle Teams
The Command base should contain (b, d, h) plus one gunner. Continue adding single NCO's (e, h, l) to the medium four-hole bases then fill in the rest of the holes with the gunners above.

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